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3 x 500g bags of Purition Vegan Strawberry, Vanilla and Blackcurrant standing on the kitchen worktop with a person in the background preparing a Purition meal shake in a nutribullet.

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How to use Purition for weight loss
Want to lose weight with Purition? Here’s your complete guide…

New to Purition? Top 5 tips for newbies
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No blender? Here are some serving suggestions…
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Strawberry porridge oats

Apr 27, 2022 Shopify API

Super berry smoothie bowl

Apr 27, 2022 Shopify API

Green goddess smoothie bowl

Apr 27, 2022 Shopify API

Orange & ginger spice smoothie

Apr 27, 2022 Shopify API


Green credentials: How we're working differently

May 31, 2022 Shopify API

Our aim is not carbon neutrality, carbon negative or even net zero, because these buzzwords are pretty meaningless. Our aim is to maximize sustainability, which does mean reducing carbon, but not just by buying carbon credits or planting trees.

How to use Purition for weight loss

May 23, 2022 Shopify API

Thousands of people use Purition for weight loss every day without a diet plan, but we understand that some people want a little more guidance. Learn how to achieve great nutrition, unlock your optimal health and lose weight with Purition.

Sunflower seeds: Positively powerful

May 20, 2022 Shopify API

This feel-good flower has something far more powerful to offer than its good looks alone: sunflower seeds. Bursting with nutrients that provide a wealth of natural benefits, these sunny seeds are one of our 7 core ingredients.

Almonds: Nutty & nutrient-dense

May 20, 2022 Shopify API

There’s a lot to love about almonds. They contain the highest protein and fibre content of any tree nut, they boast over 130 unique polyphenols (antioxidants), they’re packed with essential vitamins and they’re the world’s best natural source of vitamin E. Some sources even claim that they’re the most nutritionally dense nut in the world!

Sesame seeds: Small but mighty

May 20, 2022 Shopify API

With health-boosting phytochemicals, fatty acids, antioxidants, fibre and protein to boot, sesame seeds are a nutritional force wrapped up in a very small package. Thanks to their impressive nutritional profile, sesame seeds are believed to support immunity, lower blood pressure and offer protective benefits against heart disease and cancer.

Coconut: The tropical nourisher

May 20, 2022 Shopify API

Rich in digestion-boosting fibre, nourishing MCT fats and essential vitamins with a deliciously creamy flavour texture to boot, it was a no-brainer to make this tropical nourisher one of our 7 core ingredients.