A low-carb meal for diabetics

A better made, better for you alternative to meal replacements & diet shakes.

  • Made with minimally processed whole foods
  • High in protein, fibre & healthy fats
  • Ultra-low in sugar & carbohydrates
  • No food additives or artificial ingredients
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It’s well-documented that the remission of type 2 diabetes can be easily achieved via a sympathetic diet and simple lifestyle changes that allows you to manage your diet and trim your carbohydrate intake.

Whether you adopt Purition as a breakfast ‘must’ or as a handy, one-stop meal when you’re in a hurry to be somewhere else, Purition is naturally nutritious and extremely low in carbohydrate and sugar, making it the perfect wholesome snack for anyone worried about unintentionally raising their blood sugar levels.

All flavours contain between 2-4g of net carbohydrate per meal. 

Convenient & versatile!

Purition is a truly amenable and versatile small meal, that can step up to be that all-important first meal of the day, a light lunch because you don’t have the time to prepare a full-blown meal, a healthful evening meal or a healthy, fast turnaround shake when you’re rushing out of the door.

66% of the energy in Purition comes from healthy, whole food fats secured from beneficial seeds and nuts. 

Jam-packed with quality fats, fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals, seeds and nuts provide the perfect all-natural energy source for anyone seeking to keep high blood sugar levels in check.

Person pouring a Purition Strawberry meal shake into a glass.

What our customers say...

14 servings for 14 days 

We created Purition to help us make life that little bit easier – and healthier. We know that making small, positive changes to diet and lifestyle are the easiest to sustain. So if you are looking to make change, then you should at least try Purition. Start with a Discovery Box or 2 and try all the flavours.

A mix of 6 x 40g Original sample sachets as part of a trial Discovery Box

Original made with 70% seeds and nuts, plus whey (most popular)

Pick your own flavours today, with 14+ natural, nutritious flavours

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A mix of 6 x 40g Vegan sample sachets as part of a trial Discovery Box

Vegan made with 70% seeds and nuts, plus plant protein blend

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Person using a digital blood glucose monitoring unit.

Purition & blood sugars

According to our own tests and customer feedback, Purition blended with milk, (or any unsweetened, dairy-free alternative) has negligible impact on one’s blood sugar levels.  

That said, you’d be wise to test this out yourself with your own blood/glucose monitoring equipment.

If you’re consuming insulin containing medication you must always contact your doctor or health professional before making any changes to your diet.

Made with real food

The ingredients we tracked down to make Purition are ideally tailored for diabetics. Whether we’re talking golden linseed from the UK, Californian almonds, Greek pumpkin seeds, coconut from Sri-Lanka, French sunflower seeds, British chia seeds OR filtered whey protein from British milk, we never settle for anything less than best-in-class!

Back to basics

Our back-to-basics approach to making real food diet-friendly, quick and convenient is perfectly aligned with the specific needs of type 2 diabetics handling their condition with a low-carb diet.

Use Purition daily instead of meals that unwittingly raise blood sugar.

Tabletop full of small pots of whole food ingredients such as seeds and nuts.

“My husband has reversed his type 2 diabetes & lost 3 stone using Purition as part of a calorie controlled diet. I’ve also lost 2 stone & feel so fit & healthy. We have Purition for a late breakfast at 11am, then Purition for a late lunch at 3pm with raw vegetables & humous dip. Then we have a small evening meal. We love the texture & flavour of Purition & are quite addicted! It’s so good for you and keeps you from feeling hungry. We have recommended it to our family & friends.”

Pam W, Verified Purition Customer

Despite the high nutritional values of Purition, it should not be used to replace all of your meals

Purition is real food, not a supplement and any change in your diet should be discussed with your doctor.

We recommend a 40g serving for women and a 50g serving for men with 200ml of milk or an unsweetened milk alternative. Purition is not a total meal replacement and should be used in combination with a varied and balanced diet. If you are currently taking medication you must contact your doctor first!

How to prepare Purition

Simply blend one serving or 40g of Purition with 200-250ml of your favourite milk. Add a little extra sweetness if you need it.

If 40g is not enough to satisfy your appetite for 4 hours simply increase the portion size to 50g.

You can also use Purition to make your own yoghurt bowls or no cook instant porridge.

We believe in real food

We believe the best nutrition comes from high quality whole food ingredients. Our blends are made from nutrient-dense nuts and seeds with a simple protein source. That’s it. We use just a dozen or so ingredients, all of which are recognisable, naturally healthy and good for you.