Take the stress out of healthy eating

Stir Purition into yoghurt, make instant porridge or a shake!

  • Made with minimally processed whole foods
  • High in protein, fibre & healthy fats
  • Ultra-low in sugar & carbohydrates
  • No food additives or artificial ingredients
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Smiley person blending a Purition Strawberry smoothie in the kitchen.

Start your day with Purition

A good day starts with a great first meal! Help take some of the stress out of healthy eating and breakfast with Purition.

We’ve done all the preparation for you, all you need to do is add milk and blend.

Low sugarHigh protein High fibre Quality fats

We use simple, whole food ingredients

Such as almonds, pumpkin seeds, coconut, whole chia seeds, sesame seeds and golden linseeds (flax) to name a few of our amazing ingredients.

Purition is flavoured with freeze dried fruits or botanicals like cocoa (chocolate). We use real Madagascan vanilla pods instead of vanilla flavour or extract – just like you would at home.

Our home made, ready to enjoy, blend just needs 200-250ml of your preferred milk and a quick whizz in the blender to unleash the natural goodness. Enjoy at anytime of the day.

Ingredients & Nutrition
Small bowls of Purition's whole food ingredients (seeds and nuts) used in the base signature recipe.

What our customers say...

14 servings for 14 days 

We created Purition to help us make life that little bit easier – and healthier. We know that making small, positive changes to diet and lifestyle are the easiest to sustain. So if you are looking to make change, then you should at least try Purition. Start with a Discovery Box or 2 and try all the flavours.

A mix of 6 x 40g Original sample sachets as part of a trial Discovery Box

Original made with 70% seeds and nuts, plus whey (most popular)

Pick your own flavours today, with 14+ natural, nutritious flavours

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A mix of 6 x 40g Vegan sample sachets as part of a trial Discovery Box

Vegan made with 70% seeds and nuts, plus plant protein blend

Person showing how to mix Purition with youghurt to make a quick easy yoghurt bowl.

Low sugar

Healthy low sugar breakfasts are a great option for busy people needing to get up, get fed and get out the door!

Purition, your new breakfast and its many benefits:

  • Full of protein, fibre & natural fats
  • Low in sugar
  • No highly refined ingredients
  • Quick and easy to prepare
  • No cook, no mess!
  • Filling and nutritious

For taste & convenience

If you are looking for a nutritious alternative to traditional breakfast cereals, oats, toast, breakfast bars, diet shakes – pretty much any other breakfast you can imagine – Purition is a great place to start. With no cooking and very little mess, Purition could be just the healthy start you are looking for.

  • Real ingredients
  • Ready in 30 seconds
  • Natural flavour
  • Nutrient dense
Person drinking and enjoying a Purition Strawberry meal shake

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“Purition keeps me feeling satisfied for 4 or 5 hours and I feel so good on it. Purition is so tasty and yet is low in carbs and I never feel bloated, it has transformed my breakfast time!”

– JB, Google – Verified Customer

How to prepare Purition

Simply blend one serving or 40g of Purition with 200-250ml of your favourite milk. Add a little extra sweetness if you need it.

If 40g is not enough to satisfy your appetite for 4 hours simply increase the portion size to 50g.

You can also use Purition to make your own yoghurt bowls or no cook instant porridge.