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Natural health and fitness food to help you feel fantastic.

Healthy Meal Replacement


Made from 7 natural whole foods (seeds and nuts) and a carefully chosen blend of vegetarian or vegan protein.

Seriously delish. without compromising ingredients.

natural meal replacements

natural nutrition


Quick and easy. A small meal when you don’t have time to cook or your first meal of the day, to help take the stress out of healthy eating.

Versatile Nutrition.

Nothing beats real food and the natural nutrition it contains when it comes to supporting your healthy eating goals…

Active Lifestyle
Healthy Eating
Weight Management


Simply blend with 200ml of your favourite milk. Use daily as part of your healthy eating regime.

Nutrition that does not cost the earth...

from £1.38 per serving, minimal packaging and zero food waste.

to know...

natural protein

14 natural flavours to choose from. All shakes are gluten free, high protein, keto friendly, high fibre, low fodmap, low sugar, low lactose, vegetarian, extremely low carb, high in healthy fats. For use as one meal a day, occasionally two, with healthy balanced home cooked food.

Start your day right...
Nutritious, high in natural protein and full of goodness, our recipes will offer you tasty new ways to use Purition.
Try our range of easy recipes for all the family, and take the stress out of healthy eating.

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Nutrition without compromise...

Natural Protein Powders and Meal Replacement Shakes

A naturally clean wholefood shake. Use our healthy wholefood shakes as a meal replacement for weight loss, healthy living or sports nutrition. Made with only the very best clean and natural ingredients your grandmother would recognise. Purition is so much more than just a natural protein powder, our balanced blend provides a quick and delicious low carb, low sugar breakfast smoothie, or lunch when you don't have time to cook.

We also offer our hemp protein vegan meal replacement and vegan wholefood shake range, a dairy & gluten free natural wholefood shake. High protein, healthy omega fats and fibre from whole foods!

Healthy meal replacement, wholefood shakes

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