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Real food alternatives to diet meal replacement shakes, protein powders & supplements

With 25 times less sugar than a similar sized fruit smoothie, Purition is way more filling than a diet or protein shake. Unlike protein powders, Purition is packed with real food ingredients, like our UK grown chia seeds. Quite simply Purition is a glass full of healthy, to build your day on... or who knows, maybe even a whole new lifestyle.

The Original Natural Protein Powder

To get you ready for whatever your day throws at you, Purition is flying the flag for a truly natural product - natural nutrition, made with only all-natural, real wholefood ingredients. We grind, chop, mix and pack all of our products ourselves here in the UK and the entire Purition range is also suitable for vegetarians. We use natural plant protein for our dairy free and gluten free range. In fact the only thing that isn’t natural is our recyclable scoop!

Find out why Purition is different and why nothing beats real food here.

More than just a natural protein powder, healthy protein shake or meal replacement shake for weight loss, with Purition on your side for breakfast or lunch, you'll be consuming more protein, more fibre, more healthy natural fats, more vitamins & minerals.

Active Nutrition
Healthy Eating
Weight Loss

Natural ingredients
Natural benefits

At Purition we’ll never swap real food for processed powders, additives, sugars or flavourings. In fact, we’re sure you’ll recognise every ingredient we use in our proprietary wholefood blend and flavour ingredients opposite. What you may not know however, are the amazing benefits these natural ingredients contain. So to find out more, simply click on the icons. For a complete list of all ingredients click here. Unlike any other company in this market, Purition is prepared, made and packed by ourselves, in-house.

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An introduction to Purition

Purition is versatile, healthy pure nutrition.

Ideal for a healthy breakfast or lunch, a Purition shake is the healthy, nutritious way to fuel your day. Whether your goal is weight management, training, recovery or simply healthier eating, let Purition boost your healthier lifestyle.

Watch our video to learn more about how Purition can help you.

The perfect prep, for the perfect blend.

To shake up your breakfast…
blend it.
Because real food doesn’t dissolve, you’re going to have to blend it if you want a smoother consistency. So, grab your blender, your favourite milk and give Purition a quick blitz, this will unleash the powerful natural oils, protein, fibre and flavour. Start the day as you mean to go on, enjoy a Purition shake for breakfast or lunch (it makes fantastic post workout fuel too) and be ready for whatever the day throws at you!

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100% natural wholefood products

Shop our range of high quality natural food based protein powders. We offer 500g bags in a variety of natural flavours, as well as individual 40g sachets and our 6 x 40g sachet Discovery Boxes to help you try our Original and Dairy Free natural nutrition. Be kind to yourself - try Purition.

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When you wake up bleary eyed, you might not exactly be filled with inspiration... well not yet anyway. No problem, here's a selection of our favourite blendie recipes to really get your morning off to a great start.

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Healthy meal replacement, wholefood shakes

A naturally clean wholefood shake. Use our healthy wholefood shakes as a meal replacement for weight loss, healthy living or sports nutrition. Made with only the very best clean and natural ingredients your grandmother would recognise. Purition is so much more than just a natural protein powder, our balanced blend provides a quick and delicious low carb, low sugar breakfast smoothie, or lunch when you don't have time to cook.

We also offer our hemp protein vegan meal replacement and vegan wholefood shake range, a dairy & gluten free natural wholefood shake. High protein, healthy omega fats and fibre from whole foods!

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