Using Purition for healthy weight gain

Stir Purition into yoghurt, make instant porridge or a shake!

  • Made with minimally processed whole foods
  • High in protein, fibre & healthy fats
  • Ultra-low in sugar & carbohydrates
  • No food additives or artificial ingredients
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Woman pouring milk into blender cup whilst making a Purition Strawberry weight gain smoothie

A healthy small meal for weight gain

Use Purition as a quick, convenient and reliable way to take in extra calories, without significantly increasing the volume of food you have to eat.

We recommend using Purition once or twice daily, in addition to your normal meals, to boost your total daily energy intake and support healthy weight gain.

If you’d like to, you can also blend calorie-dense whole foods like avocado, full-fat yoghurt and banana into Purition to increase the calorie content per serving.

Recommended by nutritionists

“Purition contains essential fats, protein, fibre-rich carbohydrates and a plethora of phytochemicals to support all aspects of your biochemistry, to help you gain weight in an incremental and sustained way. Purition won’t crash your blood sugar, nor does it contain any hidden nasties like unnatural gums, artificial flavourings, preservatives or emulsifiers.

I recommend using Purition daily to top up your calorie and macronutrient intake.”

Tanya Borowski
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

Ingredients & Nutrition
Purition's whole food ingredients in bowl for weight gain shakes

“I am 92 yrs old. Following an accident 7 yrs ago, when I broke both wrists & caring for my husband for 10 yrs, I gradually lost almost 2 stones in weight. To help me recover and try to put on some weight, my granddaughter who is also my practitioner, introduced me to Purition. I find making a drink too heavy for me so I add it to anything suitable – cereal, porridge, yoghurt, custard so I get the benefit of Purition in small doses.”

– Jean – Verified Customer

Purition Chocolate in glass with nutritional labels

Nutrient-dense calories from real food

Simple, whole food ingredients can help you to gain weight in a sustained way, whilst boosting your energy, health and wellbeing.

Purition is made with freshly ground seeds and nuts, plus triple-filtered whey protein from grass-fed British cows (Original) or European-grown plant protein (Vegan). It’s a healthier, real food alternative to highly processed weight gain shakes.

A 40g serving prepared with whole milk provides up to 350 calories, alongside nourishing healthy fats, protein, fibre and naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals.

What our customers say...

14 servings for 14 days 

We created Purition to help us make life that little bit easier – and healthier. We know that making small, positive changes to diet and lifestyle are the easiest to sustain. So if you are looking to make change, then you should at least try Purition. Start with a Discovery Box or 2 and try all the flavours.

A mix of 6 x 40g Original sample sachets as part of a trial Discovery Box

Original made with 70% seeds and nuts, plus whey (most popular)

Pick your own flavours today, with 14+ natural, nutritious flavours

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A mix of 6 x 40g Vegan sample sachets as part of a trial Discovery Box

Vegan made with 70% seeds and nuts, plus plant protein blend

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Serving suggestions

  • Blend 40–50g Purition with 200–250ml of milk or nut milk for an energy-boosting smoothie
  • Mix 40–50g Purition into 125g of yoghurt (and top with nuts, seeds and fruit, optional) for a crunchy yoghurt bowl calorie top-up
  • Combine 40g Purition with dates, unsalted nuts and coconut oil and roll into energy balls for extra calories when you’re on-the-go
  • Mix a couple of spoons of Purition into porridge to increase the calorie-density of your morning oats