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"We are real food"

It's not really about us – it's about you...

There’s nothing worse than settling for second best; that nagging thought lurking somewhere at the back of your head that tells you that you could have chosen more wisely.

Purition is all about ‘real food.’ It’s made without compromise in small thoughtful batches using best-in-class ingredients from trusted farming communities. Where possible, we source locally whilst doing our utmost to reduce our unnecessary plastics footprint whilst creating zero food waste.

We really care about what you eat which is why we look to fields, orchards and trees as opposed to science labs.

We refuse to dabble with any grubby gums, artificial ingredients, emulsifiers, additives or preservatives, which aren’t natural or healthy. 

Some might say we’re being a little inflexible or single-minded, however we think it’s vital to set out at the beginning what we do and don’t stand for.

"A small nutritious meal"

Our taste is real, full of natural flavour, not flavourings

Choose from 14 delicious blends made with nutrient dense ingredients, low in sugar and starch.

We’re here to ‘shake-up’ the shady protein shake landscape filled with fake shakes and diet/meal replacements.

Forget smoothies loaded with sugar, junk-filled protein shakes, spurious nutritional supplements & faddy diets. 

Purition is protein as it should be, helping to take the stress out of healthy eating.

More time, less stress

By relying on Purition for one or two meals a day during the week, means you have more time to prepare just one home-cooked meal a day.

So you can relax and enjoy yourself at the weekends, without having to worry about dieting or going without.

“An alternative to ultra processed supplements”

Dedicated to using the best quality & freshest ingredients

“When we say Purition is made from natural wholefoods, we really mean it. Pumpkin seeds from Greece, chia seeds from the UK…”

Edward Taylor, Director

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What our customers say...

Freshly produced in small batches

“To enjoy the benefits of Purition, use it daily”

Robert Jones, Head of Production

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“Purition makes healthy eating simple. When dashing about or as a quick and easy breakfast – just blend and go.”

Made in the heart of Shropshire

Every working day, we take delivery of the freshest ingredients. We grind, chop, mix and pack them daily at our purpose-built Purition headquarters, here in Shrewsbury, in the heart of rural Shropshire.

To our way of thinking, there’s a big difference between flavour and flavourings. Flavour is what Purition has because it’s only packed with authentic ingredients. Our Strawberry comes from strawberries not strawberry flavouring, whilst our Vanilla is made with Madagascan vanilla pods.

Just scroll through our ingredient decks and you’ll see & taste the difference!

If you use real ingredients in well-balanced recipes, there’s simply no need for any lazy added sugars, artificial sweeteners, flavourings or fillers. We believe in real food ingredients which is essentially seeds and nuts, whilst our protein, natural fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals also comes from real food.


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