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Natural Protein Powder & Meal Replacements

Discovery Box

Starting at: £12.99

The Discovery Box is a great place to start if you are new to Purition. Try our 6 best selling flavours to find which are your favourites. Here you can order a mixed box of Original Purition flavours and our Dairy Free Vegan Purition, both suitable for people who are lactose intolerant.

Our Purition Original Whey Protein Discovery Box is Vegetarian Society Approved, and our Purition Vegan Discovery Box is Vegetarian Society Vegan Approved.

500g Original Range

Purition is different, made with simple wholefood ingredients your grandmother would recognise. Because if you are trying to lose weight or training hard you have to eat right. But Purition is so much more than just protein. Our Whey Protein range includes a choice of 8 flavours as well as unflavoured and unsweetened. Our balanced blend of natural ingredients also provides health and fitness essentials including fibre, vitamins, minerals and healthy wholefood fats your body needs.

All Purition is Vegetarian Society Approved.

Purition discount

500g Dairy Free Range

You asked, we listened and delivered what we regard to be the best tasting plant based nutrition drink on the market! Available in seven naturally delicious flavours. Our real food approach to great nutrition combines protein, healthy fats and fibre from wholefood ingredients you can feel great about. Whatever your reason is for looking for a natural nutritional product we can help.

All of our Vegan products are Vegetarian Society Vegan Approved.

Purition discount

Single Sachets (min 30)

Starting at: £1.99

This page is best for buying 6 sachets of any one flavour or 30+ mixed sachets. If you’d like one of our Discovery Box which contains one of each flavour click here instead. Individual 40g servings are available in all our standard flavours in both original recipe and dairy vegan. When you buy 30+ the price is £1.99 each.

Purition is a natural and healthy alternative to meal replacement shakes and protein powders made from real wholefood ingredients and a vegetarian or vegan source of protein. But for many of our customers Purition is simply breakfast! If you wondering what all the fuss is about order one of mixed packs today and see how you feel after 6 days of Purition.

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