Why Purition and natural whole foods work for weight loss

Purition is an easy health and weight loss solution backed by the credibility of the nutritional community. Our nutrient-dense whole food shakes you fuller on fewer calories and help to prevent overeating. The result? Sustainable weight loss, without depriving yourself or going hungry.

Here’s how Purition can help you to manage your weight, the natural way.

Made with nutritious whole foods

Purition fills you up like a proper meal because it is a proper meal. It’s made with whole foods, which digest slowly, feed nutrients and energy into your body over hours and leave you feeling satisfied for longer.

This means that, unlike ultra-processed, sweet tasting shakes filled with gums, sweeteners and flavourings that leave you feeling hungry and lethargic, Purition will keep you full for hours.

Most customers are shocked at just how satisfying 40–50g of Purition is and report not feeling hungry for over 4 hours!

20-25g protein per serving

Protein reduces levels of the hunger hormone, whilst boosting levels of appetite-reducing hormones. Feeling satiated for longer means that you’ll be less likely to reach for those 11am biscuits or 3pm chocolate bars when hunger pangs would normally strike!

Eating adequate amounts of protein with the help of Purition also protects against muscle loss during your weight-loss journey. Purition typically contains 20-25g protein per serving, when prepared with milk or yoghurt.

Rich in soluble & insoluble fibre

Both soluble and insoluble fiber swell in your stomach, which tells your brain that you’ve had something substantial to eat. This promotes satiety over longer hours (4-5) and, again, keeps you fuller for longer.

Fiber also feeds good gut bacteria and clears out bad gut bacteria. Greater diversity in gut bacteria is associated not only with better overall health but with improved immunity and weight management!

10-12 g fats from seeds & nuts

Eating whole food fats can make you slimmer – yes, really! They digest slowly, drip feed nutrients over many hours and have been shown to influence satiety and regulate appetite.

This means that Purition takes longer to digest and this, again, leads to increased satiety, reduced hunger and reduced calorie intake.

Low in simple carbs & sugar

Big swings and crashes in blood sugar can cause cravings and make it hard to shed unwanted excess weight. Purition is low in sugar and a rich source of fiber, healthy fats and protein, which means it has little to no impact on blood sugar.

Stable blood sugar means sustained energy and better appetite control, meaning you’ll be able to reduce snacking and prevent overeating later in the day. 

A perfectly portioned meal

Increased portion sizes can contribute to overeating and unwanted weight gain. Purition makes portion control easy, especially when purchased in recyclable paper 40g sachets (one meal).

There’s no weighing out food, inputting ingredients into an app or worrying about the number of calories in your meal – it’s all done for you! You get a perfectly portioned meal, packed with natural nutrients for weight loss, without any prep or faff.

A stress-free healthy meal

The hardest part of weight loss is often sticking to new habits and ways of eating. But Purition makes it easier to be healthier and eat better, without really having to think about it.

Swapping one meal per day for Purition is all it takes to create change and start losing weight. There's no special shopping, no calorie counting, no endless food prep and no going hungry, which is the best way to lose weight and keep it off.

Ready to get started?

Purition simply makes it easier to be healthier and eat better.

One simple shake per day supports better long-term health, using whole food ingredients that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Get started by ordering a few samples. There's no minimum order and no subscription necessary.

Here to help...

There's no one size fits all approach to weight loss, which is why we offer tailored professional advice to suit your dietary requirements and lifestyle.

“I would recommend Purition for a healthy, sustainable weight loss as it is a small, minimally processed (only chopped and ground up!), healthy meal made only from whole food ingredients such as seeds and nuts. It is naturally high in fibre, protein and contains mono- and polyunsaturated fats along with an array of vitamins, and minerals whilst being very low in sugar.”

Barbara Usak, Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr), BSc Human nutrition and PGDip Clinical & Public Health Nutrition

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Lose weight and keep it off with natural whole foods

Only crushed, chopped or left whole, but never refined or powdered.

British Chia

British Golden

Sunflower Kernels

Sulfate Free

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Sesame Seeds

British Chia

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Nourish your whole body

Better health starts with changing your diet. The benefits of whole foods impact your whole body. To find out more, click below...

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Nourish your whole body

Better health starts with changing your diet. The benefits of whole foods impact your whole body to find out more click below...

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