Whole foods vs powdered food

7 lines of seeds and nuts

Whole foods are filling, which is why a nutrient-dense, 200 calorie shake can keep you going for longer than a 400 calorie shake made from highly refined, ultra-processed ingredients. It’s nutritional quality (density) that fills you up, not the calorie number on the packet.

Whole foods remain whole as in ‘nutritionally complete,’ which means that the complex chemical composition is not decimated by refining and processing.

This means the food going into your body is ‘as nature intended’. The macro-nutrients: protein, fat, carbohydrate, fibre, water and micro-nutrients: vitamins, minerals plus all the complex chemical structures of phytonutrients like carotenoids, ellagic acid, flavonoids, resveratrol, glucosinolates, phytoestrogens, (and hundreds more besides) exist in their natural form; complete with all the cofactors and coenzymes present in the right ratios for optimal health.

Science has only scratched the surface of food composition with regards to how it relates to human health, so to believe that a powdered meal in a bag made from refined ingredients, ultra processed ingredients (the very definition of junk food) with added synthetic vitamins & minerals can replace or replicate amazing ‘real’ whole foods is worryingly wide of the mark. 

Here at Purition, we do not assume that we know better than mother nature! That’s why we make our products from 70% ‘minimally processed’ whole foods, plus the finest vegetarian or vegan protein source

Find out how we compare to other meal replacement shakes.

Infographic showing Purition's whole food ingredients vs competitor's processed ingredients

What does 'minimally processed' mean?

Anything you can do at home is classed as ‘minimally processed,’ so in Purition’s instance that’s chopping and grinding. Other processes such as freezing, canning, dehydrating, heating, curing, pickling, soaking and washing also keep the food whole and healthy.

It is processing that refine and strip nutrients or make inedible foods edible that are the real problem. Processing that you cannot do at home and ingredients that are not traditionally found in food, like unnatural gums, flavourings, preservatives, anti-caking agents, emulsifiers…. that constitute the real threat to human health.

Why are we talking about detrimental and not neutral when it comes to human health? If a nutritionless powder displaces a ‘real’ food meal, even if that powder is not ‘bad for you,’ it has taken the place of ‘real food’ that would have been good for you. That’s why, we believe these unscrupulous, nutritionless powders have no place in our lives.


The making of Purition

The tropical nourisher

Sesame seeds:
Small but mighty

Sunflower seeds:
Positively powerful

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