Getting into fitness: Top tips

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It’s hard to believe that summer is almost at an end. But sure enough, the lovely warm sunshine is starting to give way to a crisp more autumnal chill and the leaves on the trees look like they may start to turn at any moment.

For many, September symbolises a time for change. The arrival of a new season encourages us to reflect, refocus and set new goals. What’s achievable between now and Christmas? How can we arrive in 2019 feeling great?

Improved or more fitness is often somewhere on the agenda, which can be a little daunting. So we’ve put together some suggestions to help you make a start. Grab your trainers and let’s get active!

Find your niche

You may have tried a spinning class having heard your friends rave about it, but hated every minute. This doesn’t mean exercise isn’t for you. It’s about trial and error, so spend a little time working out what you enjoy.

It might be getting out in the fresh air and jogging around your local park, plunging into the pool for some aqua aerobics or finding your rhythm in a Zumba class. You’ll know you’ve found your niche when the time flies by without you noticing and you’re left with a fantastic post-workout buzz!

Plan ahead

As with meal prep, it’s a good idea to think about the week ahead and if you can, map out when and how you plan to exercise.

If you’re a morning person, set an alarm straight away and get everything ready the night before. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to workout out later in the day, book onto some classes or arrange a session with a friend so that you can be held accountable.

It’s also a good idea to keep things as convenient as possible too. Joining a gym on the way to work means you might be able to squeeze a session in beforehand, mapping out a route that’s straight from your front door means it’s harder to make excuses. Before you know it you’ll be into a routine and thinking nothing of it!

Make it a routine

Routine is really important, after all significant change doesn’t happen overnight. The speed at which you start to see results depends on a number of different factors including diet.

But, generally speaking it can take around four weeks of regular exercise to increase strength and stamina and up to six weeks for noticeable aesthetic change. But make it this far and you definitely won’t want to go back and undo all that hard work. So stick with it and before too long you’ll be feeling and seeing the benefits of regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Group exercise

It’s always great spending time with friends, so why not work out with them as well? Group exercise is available in all different forms – joining your local football club, signing up to a gym class or heading to the park with your best pal.

Not only will the added support spur you on, but it’s also a chance for a good laugh and catch up. The workout will be done before you know it!

Always warm up and cool down

It can be tempting to skip the warm up, particularly if you’re pressed for time. But warming up is essential before any type of exercise to prevent injury and make the overall workout more effective. Simply spend 5-10 minutes doing light cardiovascular exercises that will slowly bring the body temperature up, loosen off the muscles and get you moving.

Of similar importance to the warm up, the cool down is designed to allow your body to recover and return to a normal pace. Take around five minutes at the end of your workout to bring the tempo right down. Walk or jog it off, maybe even do some yoga to stretch your body out post-exercise.

Eat a balanced diet

Whether you’re training, hitting the gym or simply going about your day it’s important to look after your body and fuel it with the right nutrition.

Purition can help with this. Each serving provides a balance of protein, healthy fats and fibre. It’s also a great source of vitamins and minerals thanks to the all-natural, wholefood ingredients.

Have Purition for breakfast, maybe even lunch and you’ll have the nutrition you need to tackle those fitness goals and replenishing your body afterwards.


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