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Best nut milks to blend with Purition

A row of nut milk cartons; Oatly, Alpro, Plenish, KoKo & Dream

For a lovely smooth and creamy shake, Purition is best served blended with milk or a non-dairy alternative.

But which non-dairy alternative should I choose? This is one of the most frequent questions we get asked by customers. Step down the milk aisle and you’ll find yourself confronted with fridges piled high with every imaginable brand and milk alternatives.

Long gone are the days when the only non-dairy option was soya. Today we also have almond, coconut, cashew, oat, rice, pea, hemp… and this is a list that continues to grow as more and more UK households opt for plant-based products.

It’s worth considering that different milks, especially plant-based milks, bring their own flavours, which when added to Purition – flavoured with just natural ingredients, can mask the real and underlying flavour of Purition. That said, the less you consume artificial flavourings, the more you can taste real food ingredients. Purition just gets better!

Matching Purition with nut milks by flavour combos

Using coconut milk in Coconut, Strawberry or Chocolate Orange Purition works much better than using other nut milks, which can often overpower the delicate flavour of the freeze-dried fruits. 

Oat milk stands up to the Beetroot flavours and is really delicious when blended with the Coffee & Walnut – and Strawberry too!

Almond milk is good with most Purition flavours, especially Almond, Coffee and Walnut, Pistachio. It can be a little overpowering in any of the fruit flavours.

In our opinion, these are not ‘deal breaking’ combinations, as most plant milks are great options, but if you’re new to Purition and you’re not getting as much flavour as expected, it’s definitely worth experimenting with different nut milk combinations to find what works best for you.

That’s a whole lot of milk!

We thought it might be nice to do a little in-house investigating here at Purition HQ. Our team of five ladies and seven men, (aged between 20 – 50 years) have been busily testing out some of the most popular milk alternatives (m*lks) in the marketplace. We stuck to 200ml milk with a 40g serving of Purition throughout – have a read and see which milk you’d like to try in your next shake…

Almond milk

We tried Almond Breeze (Unsweetened) blended with Purition Almond and enjoyed a tasty shake. The nutty flavour complements our products really well, and only adds 26 kcals to the serving. Just remember, fewer calories can mean fewer key nutrients. Not a huge concern if you’re blending with our nutrient-dense Purition, but something to be mindful of. Almond Breeze contains only 2% almonds, which is less than other brands like Plenish 6% which are more expensive but well worth a try.

Plenish nut milk carton

Rice milk

Dream rice milk carton

Characterised by its starchy composition, rice milk has a natural, sweet taste. We tried Rice Dream (Organic), which has 14% rice and adds nearly 20g of carbohydrate to a shake, of which 14.2g are sugars – luckily Purition is low in sugar and carbs! The taste received mixed reviews here at HQ, those with a sweeter tooth loved it, while the rest of us thought it was too sweet. Great for a little ‘pick-me-up,’ but maybe not for everyday use. Remember, rice has a high Glycemic Index (GI) too.

Coconut milk

Made from the flesh of a coconut, this is a good source of natural fat that’s high in fibre and holds plenty of vitamins and minerals. Blend with Purition and you get a lovely creamy, refreshing taste. Our favourite combo was coconut milk and chocolate Purition – like a Bounty bar yet healthier! We tried Koko Dairy Free (Unsweetened) and Alpro Coconut (Original). Both blended well for a tasty shake, but Koko had the edge for us with its higher coconut content (7% vs 5.3% coconut milk) and less sugar (1.9 vs 0.2g).

KoKo Dairy Free coconut milk carton

Oat milk

Oatly oat milk carton

Purition blended with oat milk gives a lovely, creamy taste. The sugar content can be quite high, so chose a brand where this is naturally occurring and not added. We tried and were impressed with Oatly. The taste wasn’t enough to overpower Purition and they have a short, simple ingredients deck with a decent quota of oats. Combine Oatly with Strawberry Purition (tastes particularly amazing!) and you get a good dose of fibre, which helps slow digestion, keeping hunger pangs at bay for longer – no more snacking in between meals!

Soya milk

Soya milk is a popular plant-based option and we can understand why – it’s high in protein, natural fats and fibre with, plenty of vitamins and minerals. Great if you follow a dairy-free or vegan diet. We tried Alpro Unsweetened Soya Milk.

Plant based mylk

Rebel Kitchen mylk carton

Relatively new to the market, Whole Mylk combines coconut cream, brown rice and cashews in one. The brains behind it, Rebel Kitchen, say “It’s milk. Just not” and we see where they’re coming from. The coconut cream gives it a rich, creamy taste which makes for a lovely silky shake when blended with Purition. It’s also void of any refined sugar, gums or thickeners, which is a big plus for us. It will take your calories up compared to the other milks (a 200ml serving has 166 kcals) but not excessively and you get a good balance of nutrients with a nice wholesome consistency.

What's our favourite?

Whole Mylk by Rebel Kitchen came out as our favourite, it tasted SO good! Their combination coconut, brown rice and cashew-based milk drink was delicious blended with Purition. The nutritional makeup is pretty good too. 

Alternatively, have you heard about new kid on the block, Pea Milk!? Low in sugar and high in protein, this has hit the UK market and we can’t wait to try it! 

What ever you decide, we recommend opting for an ‘Unsweetened’ nut milk, especially if you’re going to be using it daily. Make sure you check the label too – it’s not uncommon for brands to include gums (thickeners) in their recipes, particularly if they’re opting for a long shelf life. Wherever possible, aim for those milks that avoid ‘non-food’ ingredients and keep their ingredients list clean and short.

Purition can be blended with any type of nut milk, but as we’ve seen, each has its own taste, texture and nutritional profile. Our advice with regards matching nut milks with Purition is to aim for brands that only use ‘real’ ingredients like us.

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed are our own.

Graphic of nutritional data for several different dairy alternatives.


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