Diet is everything and our real food approach really is no different to yours.

You probably don’t usually recommend food that comes in packets from a factory but Purition is different.

Like you, we are also in the business of changing lives through better nutrition.

Our freshly prepared and ready-to-blend whole food blends can be made into smoothies, yoghurt bowls or instant porridge.

Purition isn’t a meal replacement supplement or so called ‘complete meal’ it’s simply a better breakfast (or lunch) alternative. At least we can’t think of a better one.

Our aim is to help people improve their diet in a meaningful way. For most people that means eating more whole foods, more whole food plant based fats, more fibre, more protein at breakfast or lunch and a greater variety of whole foods.

Who we are

We started Purition to be the complete antithesis of the food industry. You can read more here about the extreme lengths we go to ensure our food products are incredible.

We didn't make Purition for nutrition experts who find it easy to eat healthily all the time. It was made for people who struggle to eat healthily consistently for all sorts of reasons.

We count Doctors, dieticians and nutritionists as customers. Any recommendations or quotes from health professionals have been freely given without payment or incentive.

We’re a family-run business doing the right thing with our real food approach.

Who we’re for

A simple, healthy change for your clients

Purition is for clients who think they don’t have time for healthy eating or who are are “stuck in a rut” or simply too stressed out to be as consistent as you’d like them to be. 

Clients will always lean towards time saving solutions, only now they don’t need to choose between health or convenience anymore, they can have both!

Purition once a day, usually for breakfast or lunch, means one less meal to worry about. It’s one simple change almost anyone can make to improve their diet.

Natural nutrition from whole foods










No artificial

No Soy

& vegan

  • Meticulously sourced
  • British & European ingredients

What makes us special

Better than any homemade smoothies, even yours!

Store bought seeds and nuts and protein powders don’t come with any provenance, origin or harvest dates so you have no idea when or where they were grown, stored or processed.

We think these details really matter when it comes to making the best nutritional products.

We produce everything we sell and importantly sell everything we produce, every week. This means everything we send out is freshly made and at its nutritional best!


Subtle flavours & whole food textures

Purition isn’t sweet. However, it became clear that, to help more people, we needed a ‘ready-to-blend’ product that didn't need to be sweetened at home. If you’ve tried our Original naked blend you’ll understand why.

This meant balancing our recipes with a touch of sweetness from Stevia to bring out the natural citrus notes in some of the freeze dried fruit with natural flavourings, a bit like adding a squeeze of lemon juice.

We’ll never use these ingredients to make Purition hyper-palatable, just like we’ll never use refined powders to replace wholefoods.

Stevia (steviol glycosides)

  • Used at extremely low levels (a few parts per million)
  • Water extracted
  • Zero impact on blood sugar
  • Zero calories

Natural Flavourings

  • Are flavour compounds of plants, like citrus peel.
  • Used at extremely low levels (fractions of 1%)
  • Produced in the UK

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  • have a reduced appetite, and in need of convenient, whole-food nutrition without the bulk of eating a large meal
  • are living with coeliac disease & need an easy nutritious meal
  • want to consume more whole-foods but unsure on how to incorporate more into their diet easily
  • live with digestive disorders (along with working with a registered dietitian/doctor)
  • want to make their diet healthier during any life stage (adolescence, pregnancy, adulthood, during peri- and post-menopause and for older adults)
  • are looking to fuel their exercise routine well for muscle gain/maintenance
  • are seeking to gain weight in a healthy way
  • are shift workers, such as nurses, in need of healthier alternatives to typically available options (vending machine bars)

Here to help...

Phillipa leads our practitioner support and customer service. She can arrange to send your samples and in some cases, like cancer support, send free client samples.

Phillipa Garner, Co-founder and head of customer experience

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