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The Daily Stretch: Part 1

Personal trainer Tom Meehan in kitchen

Hello, welcome to The Daily Stretch!

Every day last week we uploaded a series of stretches for you to try at home. Moves you can practice everyday – not just for now, while many of us are in isolation but as and when things ‘get back to normal’.

A lot of our existing, and new customers that we’re speaking to, are using this period of isolation to make positive changes to their lifestyles… A bit more exercise than usual, eating less processed, pre-prepared food, cooking more healthy meals from scratch, meditation. There’s lots of positive change and healthy habits we can learn during this time to help us feel good.

Which is why we’re sharing The Daily Stretch – it’s a simple and healthy habit we can all start today! Scroll to the bottom of the page to start…

Bonus Friday stretch

Friday - Stretch 5

Thursday - Stretch 4

Wednesday - Stretch 3

Tuesday - Stretch 2

Monday - Stretch 1

Thanks for joining us.

The Daily Stretch is brought to you by Purition Ambassador Tom Meehan.


Purition fuels Kristian Morgan

The Daily Stretch: Part 2

Getting into fitness

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