Purition sponsors #RealFoodRocks!

We are proud to be supporting the Real Food Rocks festival this summer and can’t wait to join in their celebration of tasty food, health and wellbeing. Maybe we’ll see you there too!?

From real food vendors selling quality produce to expert speakers such as Dr Michael Mosley and Dr David Unwin, as well as cooking demos, live music, fun activities and – fingers crossed – some lovely weather it should be a great day out for the whole family to enjoy. What’s more profits go to The Public Health Collaboration, a charity dedicated to improving the quality of public health information, so the more tickets sold the better.

At Purition, our mission is simple… to help people eat well so they can look and feel amazing. In fact we developed Purition with our own health and fat-loss goals in mind. Supporting Real Food Rocks, which is all about enhancing physical and mental wellbeing, was really a no-brainer for us!

Food is a big player when it comes to health, wellbeing and the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. That’s why we use simple, whole food ingredients – seeds and nuts – in our recipes as well as a carefully chosen blend of plant proteins or British whey. We flavour with real ingredients too – Madagascan vanilla pods, cocoa, freeze dried fruit and spice – no hidden nasties and artificial powders in sight! The result, a balance of quality plant-based fats, protein and fibre with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

You may well make something similar yourself at home, but with Purition there’s no need for a special shop, no cooking and no fuss. Just convenient real food nutrition taking the stress out of healthy eating. Our uncompromising approach to reducing starchy and sugary carbs helps customers transform their wellness goals into sustainable, healthy new lifestyles. Simple.

Nothing beats the power of maximising nutrients through real food, which is why we want to encourage families to say goodbye to artificial colouring, flavours, fillers, gums and highly refined ingredients. Let’s banish these nasties from our diets. This includes those junk-filled supplements promoting false promises – nothing, not even your fitness goals should be compromised by supplementing with highly refined nutritionless powders in the name of protein!

Here at Purition the provenance of our ingredients is what we’re all about and we would never compromise your health by using synthetic or refined ingredients. In any case, using real food ingredients means we have no need to add synthetic vitamins and minerals – the whole food ingredients are naturally nutritious, energising and one of the many reasons why #realfoodrocks!

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