Chopping & grinding, not refining

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“When you simply say almonds on the ingredients list, does it mean there are only ground almonds in the product or could it also be a sub product such as de-oiled almond powder?”

We recently got asked the above question by a customer. It’s an amazing question to be asked – it means that more people feel the need to be cautious when it comes to ingredients lists and marketing messages. Initially, we have to admit, we were a little taken aback, but only because it’s obvious to us that what we say is in Purition really is – no question

When we say we use almonds, we absolutely mean 100% ground almonds. When we say we use coconut and sunflower seeds, we really mean we use coconut and sunflowers seeds – not a derivative or sub product. Why? Because that’s where all the nutrients are. Our processing is chopping and grinding not refining powders. This is what makes us different and in a good for your body kind of way.

We own and operate our own production facility. We source all of our own ingredients and we have direct relationships with our suppliers, and in some cases actual farmers, who produce ingredients for Purition. We also manufacture in small batches on demand. So product that was delivered to you today could have been made less than 24 hours earlier!

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The same certainly can’t be said about other brands, many who imply they are natural when they are most definitely not. Just look past the marketing messages and head straight for the ingredients labels – you’ll be dizzied by a long list of synthetic ingredients, artificial flavourings, gums, thickeners and fillers.

It was brought to our attention that another brand has claimed that washing and preparing vegetables at home is a process and that you should not be afraid of eating their “processed” ingredients. What they don’t tell you is that these ingredients are so highly refined and devoid of any vitamins and minerals after processing, that synthetic vitamins and minerals must be added. Make no mistake, any process that can be done at home does not compare to the refining that is done in factories to make powders.

Purition provides nutrition from real food, not synthetic powders and we are the only company doing this. Each serving provides a healthy balance of protein, natural fats and fibre and is packed with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Just check our ingredients, you’ll see and taste the difference!

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