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Can you really have a healthy Easter?

Photo of colourful, sugar coated mini eggs.

With 30ft chocolate hens, hot cross bun mountains and even a chocolate Loch Ness Monster, its difficult to see past all the unhealthy treats when it comes to Easter. So we wanted to ask the question “Can you really have a healthy Easter?”

And we found, when you get past the aisles of chocolate and piles of cake, there are some delicious (and healthy) Easter treats our there. So here are our top 5:

1. Hummus carrot pots

Just pop some hummus in to a clean (!) mini flower pot and ‘plant’ some chantenay carrots in the hummus. Then you’re all ready for dipping.

2. Striped Easter kebabs

Slice some bananas and strawberries and thread on to wooden skewers. If you fancy an extra treat, you can drizzle with some melted 70% dark chocolate.

3. Chocolate fruit pots

Melt 170g cocoa butter with 3 dessertspoons of raw cacao powder and 2 tablespoons of maple syrup. Lay out some small cupcake cases, pop a strawberry in each one, pour over the chocolate syrup and top with a couple of blueberries

4. Frozen Purition Easter eggs

Just blend your favourite Purition into a smoothie, then pour in to easter egg moulds and pop in to the freezer for about 2 hours. Take out 10 minutes before servicing to soften and eat with a spoon.

You can get egg moulds from a variety of online retailers, such as this one from Lakeland.

5. Chocolate covered strawberries

Just melt some 70% dark chocolate, dip in some strawberries and leave to set.

Or if you already have one eye on some bikini weather, why not replace the treats with something even healthier – a bunch of tulips and a Purition chocolate shake?

Enjoy your healthy Easter!


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