Purition Turmeric

As a potent antioxidant and natural anti-inflammatory, turmeric (and its most active compound, curcumin) packs a major health punch.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to get your daily health-boosting turmeric hit, Purition Curcumin & Black Pepper and our NEW Golden Milk Super Latte are your perfect match.

They’re both made with natural whole food ingredients including black pepper extract (piperine) and formulated for maximum turmeric absorption.

Vegetarian or vegan

High Protein

High Fibre

Low Sugar

Carbs per servings



Made in the UK

All about Turmeric

Turmeric: Nature's superfood

While turmeric’s superfood status has exploded in recent years, it’s long been used Ayurvedic (ancient Indian) medicine to treat everything from rheumatoid arthritis to digestive disorders.

Curcumin is rich in phytochemicals and phytonutrients, has been shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects and may also help improve mood and support cognitive health.

Power up with Purition Curcumin & Black Pepper

Purition Curcumin & Black Pepper contains 800mg of curcumin per serving, while most supplements contain just 400mg curcumin – often with no enhancing piperine whatsoever.

Blend with 200ml milk for a satisfying whole food meal shake or stir into 125g yoghurt for a breakfast that’ll fill you up and keep you going for hours.

High in protein, fibre & healthy fats and packed with aromatic flavour from turmeric, ginger, piperine and added coconut.

Wind down with Golden Milk Super Latte

NEW Golden Milk Super Latte is a creamy, nourishing and caffeine-free alternative to tea or coffee.

With 300mg of Curcumin serving, it’s another easy way to include a healthy turmeric fix in your daily routine.

Golden Milk Super Latte is spicy and aromatic with a touch of coconut sweetness. Enjoy as a bedtime sip, an afternoon boost or anytime you need a moment of zen.

With black pepper (piperine) & healthy fats

Curcumin is fat-soluble (it’s more easily absorbed when consumed with a source of fat), while piperine increases absorption by a whopping 2–3000%.

Both Purition Curcumin & Black Pepper and Golden Milk Super Latte contain piperine and a healthy fat source to ensure maximum turmeric absorption.