Edward’s Purition breakfast recipes

Founder Edward making a Purition smoothie in his kitchen!

You know that a nutritious breakfast is important, but that doesn’t mean you always get round to having one. Between feeding the pets and getting the kids ready for school, it can feel impossible to fit in anything other than a sugar-packed bowl of cereal or granola bar.

Sound familiar? Try Purition. By adding a low-carb, protein-rich and fibre-packed glass of Purition to your morning, we’re certain you’ll notice the difference. Our real food blends will keep you feeling energised and fuller for longer, despite taking just minutes to prepare. No more 11am slump or awkward mid-meeting stomach rumbles!

Plus, choosing Purition as your go-to healthy breakfast doesn’t mean you have to have the same thing day-in-day-out. Purition can be blended with an endless list of ingredients, fruits and milks to give your taste buds the variety they crave — and even mixed into yoghurt on days you need to skip the blender.

With that said, our founder, Edward, shares a week’s worth of his favourite healthy Purition breakfasts. Each of these ideas is quick and easy enough to prepare in a few minutes on rushed weekday mornings, to fuel your day with your sanity intact!


Protein iced coffee

Blend ...

  • 40g Purition Coffee & Walnut
  • 200ml of your favourite milk
  • 1 tsp coffee / shot of fresh coffee
  • Handful of ice
Protein iced Coffee & Walnut breakfast smoothie.
Chocolate & Hazelnut instant porridge, made with a splash of hot water.


Instant chocolate porridge


  • 50g Chocolate (Cocoa)
  • 50ml boiling water/hot milk


Creamy banana shake

Blend ...

  • 40g Purition Banana or Vanilla
  • 250ml milk/milk alternative
  • ⅓ frozen banana
Purition Banana shake.
Purition Strawberry yoghurt bowl.


Easy yoghurt bowl


  • 40g Purtion (any flavour)
  • 125ml Greek yoghurt or yoghurt alternative
  • Top with honey or maple syrup


Chocolate & berry smoothie 

Blend ...

  • 40g Purition Chocolate (Cocoa)
  • 250ml milk/milk alternative
  • Handful frozen berries, preferably blueberries
Chocolate & berry smoothie.


Super berry smoothie bowl

Hulk green protein smoothie

Banana & mango shake

Coconut overnight oats

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