Don't like the texture of Purition?

Photograph of various ways to prepare Purition to spell out the word food.

Healthy habits take time, but you’ll soon learn to love Purition!

It’s the natural taste –not masked with massive amounts of artificial flavourings and sweetener – that makes Purition good for you.

We sometimes hear people say that they don’t like the texture, or find Purition ‘gritty'. It's the texture or ‘gritty bits’ that makes Purition healthy, because it’s the ‘bits’ that contain the natural nutrients – unlike refined powdered ingredients that contain no natural nutrition.

We don’t try to hide the texture by adding gums and powdered oils to manipulate the mouth feel. Purition is simply made with seeds and nuts!

1000’s of health conscious customers use Purition every day to help them improve the diet for better long term health outcomes.

Just try this...

Is the reason you decided to try Purition more important that the taste or texture? You can change the taste and texture easily.

  • Add a few ice cubes for a thicker, cooler shake
  • Add a small chunk of frozen banana or berries for natural sweetness
  • Add some honey or maple syrup for extra sweetness
  • Experiment with using more or less liquid

But honestly, just have Purition 3 or 4 times, you’ll soon appreciate the natural flavour and texture, and the goodness going in!

Top 3 ways to prepare Purition

Don't give up before you've tried Purition as a shake, yoghurt bowl and instant porridge – everyone has their favourite!

Make a shake! Try adding spinach to make a green smoothie.
Stir Purition into Greek style yoghurt to make a quick and easy yoghurt bowl.
Add a splash of hot water or milk to Purition to make an instant porridge - works best with chocolatey flavours. Top with berries!
  • Simple shake: Blend with around 250ml favourite milk and drink straight away.
  • Yoghurt bowl: Stir through a serving of plain/Greek/coconut yoghurt.
  • Instant porridge: Add a splash of hot boiled water or milk and mix well!


New to Purition? Tips for newbies

No blender? Try these serving suggestions

The making of Purition

Why Purition is better than a
 protein shake

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