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Bootcamps come in a variety of different forms – bridal boot camps designed to tone, prison-style workouts for the adrenaline junkies among us and military boot camps that will push your body to its limits.

There are bootcamps that last for a matter of hours, while others run for days. Some even include set eating plans, designated relaxation breaks and mobile phone bans. You can book into a session locally or jump on a plane and go abroad – the options are endless.

We spent some time discovering the Caveman session at our local Love Fitness, which is a workout session for those seeking to improve fitness as well as strengthen and tone. The session swaps traditional gym equipment for tyres, hammers and rope. Instead of plodding away on a treadmill, you’re out in the fresh air benefiting from the purpose built obstacle course. This boot camp is exercise with a twist, guaranteed to burn some calories!

What’s refreshing about boot camps like Caveman is they add variety to your weekly workout. Rather than focusing on the same old gym routine, the real-world exercises mix things up and challenge your body in a different way. There’s still plenty of strength and cardio, but the emphasis is on functional training. This increasingly popular technique targets multiple muscle groups at a time, builds power and improves mobility.

Bootcamps can be hard going (after all the whole point is that they take you out of your comfort zone!) and Caveman is no exception. It gets your heart pumping and leaves you gasping for breath on more than one occasion! But it’s not all pain. Like other group fitness sessions, there’s a great sense of camaraderie, helping to keep you engaged and motivated through those gruelling drills.

It’s also important to fuel your body with the right kind of nutrients and Purition can help with this. Packed with all-natural nutty goodness, it provides a nourishing balance of protein, healthy fats and fibre.

Perfect for pre and post workout or even breakfast – maybe lunch – on a non-training day. Give Purition a try and go tackle that bootcamp head on!


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