Where are your ingredients from?

Around 80% of our ingredients in our recipe are grown in Europe - and the majority from right here in the UK - British produce, grown locally such as Chia seeds and golden linseed/ flaxseed.

The delicious pumpkin seeds are from Greece and the sunflower kernels from France.

The whey protein isolate in our original range is also from the UK.

Our proprietary vegan protein blend ingredients used in our Vegan range are all from Europe and the UK, too: Pea grown and processed in France, sunflower seeds originating from Europe (the protein processed in Germany), pumpkin seeds are of European origin (the protein is also processed in Germany) and the hemp is grown (the protein also processed) in the UK.

All fruits we use to gently flavour Purition are also only sourced from Europe.

Of course, some of our ingredients come from further afield; responsibly sourced Coconuts from Sri-Lanka and Indonesia, Almonds & Pistachios from California and Sesame seeds from Guatemala. We do not source any ingredients from China.

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