The Primary Care Lifestyle Conference

We have funded 12 tickets for Diabetes Specialist Nurses and other similar roles, for people who do not have the disposable income to fund their own ticket.

This is a not for profit lifestyle conference for Healthcare professionals, set up and lead by Practice Nurses Catherine Cassell, Tessa Barnard & Gayle Gerry.

The motivation behind the Primary Healthcare conferences is to enable affordable & accessible lifestyle education to HCP's that isn't influenced or funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

It creates a support network for other healthcare professionals wanting to find out more about the many ways to improve the health of their patients, from reversing type 2 diabetes and improving metabolic health, to reducing cardiac risk factors through lifestyle.

We hope that you can join them for what promises to be an incredible day of learning from these renowned specialists in Lifestyle Medicine...

Speakers include

Dr David Unwin, RCGP clinical expert in diabetes 'Diabetes remission: Low carb success & maintenance'

Dr Scott Murry, Past President BACPR , Consultant Cardiologist. 'Outsmart your heart'

Dr Alison Sabine, Consultant Rheumatologist. 'Implementing Lifestyle Change in Rheumatology. Less complexity more consistency'.

Dr Jen Unwin, Clinical Health Psychologist. 'The bitter sweet truth about food addiction'

Dr Campbell Murdoch, GP with a special interest in metabolic health. 'Sailing out of a storm. The importance of metabolic health''

Dr Ian Lake, GP and type 1 diabetes advocate. 'Type 1 diabetes: from both sides of the consulting desk'

Dr Ashish Bhatia, GP specialising in sleep. 'Humble sleep'

Dr David Oliver & Dr Kim Andrews, the unstoppable Freshwell GP's. 'The Freshwell Low Carb Project. Our tool kit for community weight loss by the tonne'.

Event information & tickets

Monday, 19th September 2022

Hogarths Hotel Solihull, Four Ashes Road, Dorridge B93 8QE

A fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded health professionals who share passion for helping patients to improve their health through effective lifestyle interventions.

Due to the capacity of the venue this event is limited to health care professionals only:

Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Pharmacists, Dieticians, Health coaches & Nutritional Therapists.

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