NEW Vegan flavours & improved vegan recipes

Graphic showing variety of Purition Vegan bags

Almond, Pistachio & Coconut

Now made with our new plant protein blend of European Pea, Organic Sunflower protein and Organic Pumpkin protein.

We’ve not been able to offer our vegan friends the same number of flavourings as our original veggie range until now, because the natural flavour of almond, coconut and pistachio was simply not strong enough. However, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to accentuate the flavour using less than 1% natural flavourings to the recipe – and a new plant protein blend as we believe this gives a naturally smoother finish.

As a rule, you’ll know that we don’t normally use flavourings, but demand was there for improvement, and we’ve found the least worst option by adding just a touch. Now, in true Purition style – we’ll tell you that these also contain a little more stevia than you are used to. 

Be warned these products are delicious and we haven’t taken the decision lightly to enhance our recipes, but we feel we can help more people if we improve flavour – the trade off for this is around 0.5% natural flavourings.

New vegan flavours ingredients

  • Plant Based Protein: pea, pumpkin, sunflower & hemp
  • Almonds/ Pistachio/ Coconut
  • Golden Linseed
  • Sunflower Kernels
  • Coconut
  • Chia Seeds
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Psyllium Husk
  • Apple Pectin
  • Natural Flavouring, to enhance
  • Stevia, to balance

Available to buy now!

Purition Vegan large bags in Pistachio, Almond & Coconut
Purition Vegan 40g sachets in Pistachio, Almond & Coconut

Strawberry, Blackcurrant & Vanilla

We’ve always produced the healthiest, most nutritious shakes you can buy but some customers were uninspired by the subtle flavour.

We’re in the business of helping people achieve dietary change for better health outcomes, but the fact is we can only help those who enjoy the flavour.

So, over the past 12 months we have been working hard to improve the flavours and texture of our vegan protein blends, and I’m pleased to say they are now, without doubt, the tastiest too!

We’ve replaced the rice protein for a combination of premium European pea protein, organic sunflower and organic pumpkin protein and added 0.2% natural flavouring to enhance the ‘real’ strawberry, blackcurrant and whole vanilla pods.

Adding a tiny amount of natural flavourings has allowed us to create additional flavours in the vegan range, enhancing the almonds, coconut and pistachio flavours that were previously not possible.

So now all flavours are available in both Vegan ‘dairy free’ range and Original range.


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