How Purition changed my relationship with food

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Shaney, 61, went from 17 stone and constantly on a diet, to 10 stone with a happy, healthy and balanced approach to food. She's been kind enough to share her health and weight loss story with us – and hopes it'll act as a source of inspiration for anyone stuck in the same yo-yo diet cycle she found herself in.

Over to you, Shaney!

In my mid-thirties, I'd try any yo-yo diet available

Hi everyone, my name is Shaney. I currently work as a coordinator for a large media company. This involves the charity side of the business and how we can tackle loneliness together. My hobbies are walking, hiking and anything that involves outdoor activities! 

My lifelong history has been issues with weight and health. This all started when I approached my mid-thirties. I would be on any yo-yo diet available. I’d lose a couple of stone, then plateau. I’d say “I’ve had enough of this” and then put it all back on again and some more.

But family illness gave me a wake up call

In October 2020, my brother-in-law had a brain bleed. This shocked me, as he was a healthy weight, did not drink alcohol and didn’t smoke. It turned out that he had the brain bleed due to undetected high blood pressure.

This made me take a hard look at myself. I was 17 stone, with breathing difficulties, and felt generally unwell. I had a wake-up call – how long before my health really suffers? I decided to take a look at my lifestyle. But I could not lose weight before, so how was I going to do it now?

I stopped drinking but was unsure about my diet. Keto had previously worked for me, and I needed this weight off. So I wrote everything down that I liked within the parameters of a keto diet – and went with it.

Purition changed my breakfast routine

For around a year, I was predominantly eating eggs, avocado, meat, fish and lots of nuts. But it was breakfast time I used to struggle the most with – bacon and eggs, again and again.

I’d lost 4 stone already, but the boredom was setting in. One day, I saw Purition on Facebook. At first, I thought, “if this is a shake, it’s not for me”. I need to know I have eaten something.

But I looked a little closer. It was low in carbs, but very high in nutrients. I decided to give it a try and ordered the starter sachet box. They were delicious mixed with berries and peanut butter. I started to look forward to breakfast again!

I felt energetic – like I could do more!

The taste was great, but the most important thing was how Purition made me feel.

I’d been exercising beforehand, but I was always lethargic and drained. With Purition, I felt energetic and like I could do more. My muscles were getting more defined, probably due to an increase in protein.

Purition has everything you need to keep your mind, body and soul in perfect harmony. I think most people would like to feel that after they eat, they are not hungry, have boundless energy and do not put weight on. Well, that’s exactly what Purition did for me!

I am 61, but as far as I am concerned, on paper only. I easily feel in my thirties! A big part of that is down to Purition and getting the correct nutrition. To feel healthy and in tune with my body at 61 is more of a bonus than I could ever have imagined.

I’d recommend Purition to everyone

This is a lifestyle for me, I am not on a diet. I am on a lifelong journey.

Am I happy that Purition helped me lose the final 3 stone? Am I happy I am able to maintain my correct weight for my height, without strict dieting? Am I happy that what I eat makes me delighted every day of the week? 

Without sounding ridiculous, I’m over the moon. This new me is forever, not temporary, like my old diets.

I have balance now, too. Birthdays, Christmas time, what do I do then? Well, it’s simple really. I now understand that one bad meal will do absolutely nothing to you. It's 14 in a row where the problem lies. Purition makes it easy to eat healthy, most of the time, so that the occasional unhealthy meal doesn't matter.

Anyone who is on the fence about trying Purition, don’t be. It’s delicious, it's easy, it's varied, it keeps you full and it really fuels your lifestyle, whatever that may be.

Thank you Purition, for transforming my relationship with food!

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