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To get you ready for whatever your day throws at you, Purition is flying the flag for a truly natural product – natural nutrition, made with only all-natural, real wholefood ingredients. We grind, chop, mix and pack all of our products ourselves here in the UK and the entire Purition range is also suitable for vegetarians. We use natural plant protein for our dairy free and gluten free range. In fact the only thing that isn’t natural is our recyclable scoop!

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Product Quantity
Macadamia & Vanilla, 40g
Chocolate (Cocoa), 40g
Coffee and Walnut, 40g
Strawberry, 40g
Coconut, 40g
Almond, 40g
Pistachio, 40g
Vegan Vanilla, 40g
Vegan Chocolate (Cocoa), 40g
Vegan Strawberry, 40g
Vegan Coffee & Walnut, 40g
Vegan Hemp Original, 40g
Vegan Blackcurrant, 40g
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New to Purition?

The Discovery Box is a great place to start.

Try 6 of our standard flavours in either Original or Dairy Free Vegan.

If you’re not strictly Vegan we recommend that you start with an Original Discovery Box – This will also suit you if you have issues with lactose.

Purition discovery box sachets

Proudly made with only real Ingredients

Opening Purition discovery box

How do I best use the Discovery Box?

Whatever your reasons are for trying Purition, we recommend that you swap out your usual breakfast for a Purition shake – use daily for 5 or 6 consecutive days.

This allows you time to adjust to the high fibre and extra nutrients.

Who is it for?

Purition is food and therefore suitable for anyone because everyone can benefit from improved nutrition. Purition is gluten free, suitable for people who are lactose intolerant, is also soya free, non GMO and Vegetarian Society Approved. Our plant based vegan option is Vegetarian Society Vegan Approved.

How do you prepare it?

Simply add your 40g sachet to 200-250ml of milk (your favourite kind) and blend for approximately 30-40 seconds, to desired consistency.

What does Purition taste like?

Purition has a subtle, mildly nutty taste and is not sweet. We do not use flavourings or substitutes for real food, many people say Purition tastes ‘healthy’ because you can tell it is made with natural ingredients and love the way it makes them feel. If you have a sweet tooth, you may want to add some frozen berries or banana if appropriate before blending with your favourite milk. If you do not like seeds and nuts, or want something intensely flavoured or un-naturally sweet Purition may not be for you.

What does Purition do, does it work?

Yes, eating real foods instead of refined foods improves health and is, we believe, the answer to many of the health related diet issues around today.

Real food is planted, nourished and grown in nature, real food isn’t something with a hundred ingredients or developed in a laboratory. Real food doesn’t contain gums, flavourings and powdered vegetable oils or fake vitamins and minerals.

When should I use Purition?

It’s entirely up to you, but we recommend daily for best results – Purition needs to be part of your lifestyle to make a real difference. Breakfast or your first meal of the day makes sense for most people as you will have easy access to cold milk and a blender. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of starting the day right. Purition can also be used for lunch when you don’t have time or in the evening, if that suits your lifestyle. Alternatively if you’re going where a healthy food choice may prove difficult, have Purition as a snack beforehand. Purition is ultra versatile but should not be used to replace all your meals we recommend a varied and balanced diet which would contain a substantial meal containing protein, healthy fats and lots of green leafy and colourful vegetables, to ensure a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals are consumed every day.
If training use as a natural alternative to protein shakes. Use after your workout to replace lost nutrients or before, to fuel your exercise and recovery. Purition is packed with essential fatty acids and protein (BCAAs) providing your body with the natural sports nutrition it craves after exercise.

How can Purition help?

Purition can contribute to good health in many ways:

  • Help ease your way into healthy eating, based on whole food ingredients
  • It’s a quick and easy meal solution, when time is short
  • You don’t have to think too much, about what to buy and cook for every meal
  • Keep hunger at bay, ingredients digest slowly over hours
  • Perfect portion control, ready in seconds
  • Minimal preparation and cleaning
  • Peace of mind, helps take the stress out of healthy eating

Breakfast Nutrition.

Simply blend with 200ml of your favourite milk.
Use daily as part of your healthy eating regime.

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We believe in real food.

Every working day, we take delivery of the freshest ingredients. We grind, chop, mix and pack them daily at Purition HQ here in Shrewsbury, in the heart of Shropshire.