Mixed Berry Shakes

LIMITED EDITION! Purition Mixed Berry

Wake up to fresh, zingy and fruity flavour with NEW Purition Mixed Berry.

This summer fruits favourite is bursting with juicy raspberries, sweet strawberries and punchy blackcurrants, each freeze-dried for peak flavour and freshness.

Our authentic berry flavour comes just as nature intended, with absolutely no additives, added sugar or artificial berry flavourings. Better made, better for you.

Serving suggestions...

Mixed Berry Breakfast Shake
Berry Breakfast Shake

Mixed Berry Protein Porridge
Zingy Porridge Bowl
Mixed Berry Protein Balls
Energising Protein Balls
Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl
Smoothie Bowl
Mixed Berry Pud
Mixed Berry Pud

Mixed Berry

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Enjoy our delicious berry blend of strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants, plus seeds, nuts and additional vegetarian (Original) or plant-based (Vegan) protein.

There are 10-12 servings in a 500g bag, which should be enough for 2 weeks if you’re using Purition 5 or 6 times a week.

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All about Mixed Berry…

Real berry flavour

With over 30 raspberries, 20 strawberries and 50 blackcurrants in every 500g bag, Purition Mixed Berry is bursting with real berry flavour.

And because our wholefood blends contain absolutely no flavour-masking artificial extras, you can truly relish the natural flavour notes of each individual fruit.

Enjoy hints of strawberry sweetness, zingy sour bursts from raspberries and punchy undertones of blackcurrant for a summer berry sip that’s neither too sweet nor too sour.

Mixed Berry Protein Shake

Mixed Berry Meal Replacement

Real food benefits

As with all the Purition flavours, new Mixed Berry can help you to drive a healthier weight, refuel after exercise or simply support your overall health and wellbeing.

Made with our signature real food blend of seeds, nuts and triple-filtered whey or plant protein, it provides quick, convenient nutrition with authentic berry flavour, whenever you need it.

With 16g protein and under 5g carbs (including just 2g sugar), it’ll keep you feeling full, fuelled and energised for much longer than a homemade berry smoothie.

Serving suggestions

Mixed Berry shake: Blend 200ml of your favourite milk with 40g Purition Mixed Berry for 30 seconds. Add ice for a thicker, cooler shake.

Berry yoghurt bowl: Stir 40g Purition Mixed Berry into 150g yoghurt and top with a few berries.

Instant berry porridge: Add a dash of hot water or milk to 40g Purition Mixed Berry. Stir and add more liquid until you reach your desired consistency.

Berry smoothie bowl: Pulse 50g yoghurt, 50ml of your favourite milk and 40g Purition Mixed Berry in a blender for a thicker consistency. Pour into a bowl and top with a few berries.

Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl

“The shake you look forward to when you wake! I’ve been using Purition to support my weight loss – 12kg down so far! I love that the ingredients are all-natural and that it genuinely fills me up until my next meal. I’ve found that I’ve more energy and that I usually wake up before my alarm nowadays which was unheard of previously! Total winner!”

– Melanie ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mixed Berry – Ingredients & Nutritional Data

Mixed Berry Original
Mixed Berry Vegan
Mixed Berry Original


Whey Protein Isolate MILK, Golden linseed (Flax), Sunflower Kernels, Coconut, ALMONDS, Free Dried Strawberries (3%), Freeze Dried Blackcurrants (3%), Freeze Dried Raspberries (3%), Chia Seeds (Salvia Hispanica), Pumpkin Seeds, SESAME Seeds, Nutritional Yeast, Psyllium Husk, Apple Pectin, Sweetener- Steviol glycosides (Stevia)


Allergy advice: For allergens, see ingredients in BOLD.


Nutrition Facts
Per serving (40g)
179 calories
NUTRIENTS - Typical values 100g per 40g
Energy 1854 kj 742 kj
Energy 449 kcal 179 kcal
Fat 28 g 11 g
 saturates 8.1 g 3.2 g
 monounsaturated 7.5 g 3 g
 polyunsaturated 13.6 g 5.4 g
 trans 0 g 0 g
Carbohydrates 10.4 g 4.2 g
 sugars 4.7 g 1.9 g
Fibre 16.7 g 6.7 g
Protein 39.9 g 16 g
Salt 0.2 g 0.1 g
VITAMINS 100g %RI 100g
Vitamin E 8.8 mg 73%
Thiamin (B1) 2.4 mg 218%
Riboflavin (B2) 0.4 mg 29%
Niacin 3.3 mg 21%
Vitamin B6 0.4 mg 29%
Food Folate 51 µg 26%
Pantothenate 1.1 mg 18%
MINERALS 100g %RI 100g
Potassium 670 mg 33%
Calcium 281 mg 35%
Phosphorous 450 mg 64%
Magnesium 204.9 mg 55%
Iron 3.7 mg 26%
Zinc 2.6 mg 26%
Copper 0.7 mg 70%
Manganese 1.4 mg 70%
Selenium 8 µg 15%
Mixed Berry Vegan


Proprietary Vegan Protein Blend (European Pea, Pumpkin, Sunflower & Hemp protein), Golden Linseed (Flax), Sunflower Kernels, Coconut (sulfate free), ALMONDS, Freeze Dried Strawberries (3%), Freeze Dried Blackcurrants (3%), Freeze Dried Raspberries (3%), Chia Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, SESAME Seeds, Nutritional Yeast (B-vits), Psyllium Husk (fibre), Apple Pectin (fibre), Sweetener - Steviol Glycosides (Stevia)


Allergy advice: For allergens, see ingredients in BOLD.


Nutrition Facts
Per serving (40g)
180 calories
NUTRIENTS - Typical values 100g per 40g
Energy 1845 kj 738 kj
Energy 451 kcal 180.4 kcal
Fat 29 g 12 g
 saturates 7.5 g 3 g
 monounsaturated 6.9 g 2.8 g
 polyunsaturated 12.8 g 5.1 g
 trans 0 g 0 g
Carbohydrates 10.9 g 4.4 g
 sugars 4.5 g 1.8 g
Fibre 18.5 g 7.4 g
Protein 36 g 14.4 g
Salt 0.2 g 0.1 g
VITAMINS 100g %RI 100g
Vitamin E 10 mg 83%
Thiamin (B1) 2.6 mg 236%
Riboflavin (B2) 0.6 mg 43%
Niacin 6.1 mg 38%
Vitamin B6 0.5 mg 36%
Food Folate 45.1 µg 23%
Pantothenate 1.6 mg 27%
MINERALS 100g %RI 100g
Potassium 559 mg 28%
Calcium 371 mg 46%
Phosphorous 431 mg 62%
Magnesium 232.9 mg 62%
Iron 4.6 mg 33%
Zinc 3.5 mg 35%
Copper 0.7 mg 70%
Manganese 1.8 mg 90%
Selenium 7 µg 13%

A little bit about Purition…

We believe in real food.

We believe the best nutrition comes from high quality whole food ingredients. Our blends are made from nutrient-dense nuts and seeds with a simple protein source. That’s it. We use just a dozen or so ingredients, all of which are recognisable, naturally healthy and good for you.