Why wait until January?

You could spend the next 90 days getting into the best shape of your life.

You’ll be eating Purition everyday, once or twice - it’s up to you, with a nutritious home cooked evening meal. 

You’ll get inspiration from our free recipe download to cook one meal a day at home. 

To read more about how the next 90 days will look, click below.

Transform your diet

Nutrition is the key to unlocking weight-loss and improving your nutrition.

In the next 90 days we’ll encourage you to eat more whole foods and less processed or sugary and starchy foods.

You’ll have direct access to nutritional advisors via email and phone support.

How and how much?

You’ll get a bundle of 8 bags of Purition that will be discounted to £133.20 - that’s 96 servings in total, £1.38 per meal - with no extra shipping costs.

If you’re ready to get started, choose your flavours >>

If you're not sure which flavours you'd like, try some samples first.

Eat Purition for 1 or 2 of your daily meals

Plus a home cooked evening meal. You’ll need to eat like this for 90% of the time.

You don’t need to exercise but if you want to, every little helps - even a brisk 10 minute walk.

You may incorporate some fasting by leaving breakfast as late as possible, and eating your evening meal as early as you can - But don’t worry if that doesn’t happen!

One day you may not feel like breakfast or lunch, it’s ok to skip a meal if you’re not hungry. In the next 90 days you’ll learn what works for you.

Recipe ideas & simple swaps

You don’t need to slavishly follow exact recipes. Neither do you have to cook separate meals for yourself. 

Below you’ll find some ideas of how to modify quick, and easy everyday meals for the next 90 days to make them sustainable for weight-loss.

Yes, it is as simple as swapping a pile of mashed potatoes or rice for a pile of cabbage or broccoli. Why? Because the pile of greens is far more nutritious and less calorific than the mashed potatoes.

Natural whole food ingredients

Purition is made and textured with seeds, nuts and an additional protein source, jam-packed with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

High in fibre, protein & healthy fats

Purition is packed with essential nutrients from high quality whole food ingredients, helping to keep you feeling satisfied until your next meal.

Vegetarian or vegan friendly

Choose from our Original (vegetarian and ultra low lactose) or Vegan (dairy-free) blends, each loaded with a premium protein source to keep your body fuelled and strong.

Low in carbs & sugar

Each serving of Purition weighs up at around 4g net carbs and 1g sugar, depending on the flavour.

8 Bag bundle

The 8 bags are discounted by 27% to £16.65 per bag - which works out at £1.38 per meal, for a 40g serving (4 x 10g scoops). You just need to add your preferred 8 flavours and a scoop to cart. If you're not sure, try a Discovery Box first.

Free express delivery

We'll ship out your bundle with next working day courier service, please order before 3pm. Orders placed after 3pm will be shipped the next working day.

Direct email & phone support

Our advisors are on hand to answer your queries or questions. Please drop us a line, our email address is hello@purition.co.uk our phone number is 01743 444397. Our lines are open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm.

“As a mum of 3, Purition is so quick and filling and most importantly healthy. It's changing my life for the better as it helps me control my intake and satisfies my sweet craving without sugar, so my weight is coming down finally. Worth the money, you won't regret it."

- Melinda

“Purition has helped me lose a total of 10 and a half stone over a period of just over a year. I am hopeful to get to my target weight in the next 6 months with the help of Purition! SO many of my friends and family have seen my success and are now turning to Purition too - yay!"

- Alix

vegan or vegetarian
Vegetarian or Vegan
High Protein
High Fibre
Low Sugar
Gluten Free
Made in the UK

How to get started

  1. Chose your 8 flavours and place your order
  2. Read and follow the complete guide to using Purition for weight loss
  3. Receive your delivery the next working day
  4. Contact us with any queries

How to prepare Purition

Take 40g of Purition and do either one, or try all of the following serving suggestions. Find your favourite way to make it!

  • Blend with 200 or 250ml of your favourite milk
  • Mix with a serving of Greek or plain yoghurt
  • Mix with 40ml hot boiled water or milk for an instant porridge

BeetrootBeetroot and ChocolateChocolate OrangeBag of Purition Macadamia and vanillaBag of cocoa PuritionBag of Purition coffee and walnutBag of Purition strawberryBag of coconut PuritionBag of almond PuritionBag of pistachio PuritionBag of Naked blend Purition
Beetroot and Chocolate
Chocolate Orange
Bag of Purition Macadamia and vanilla
Bag of cocoa Purition
Bag of Purition coffee and walnut
Bag of Purition strawberry
Bag of coconut Purition
Bag of almond Purition
Bag of pistachio Purition
Bag of Naked blend Purition

Purition 90 Day 8 Bag Bundle

£183.60 each

Purition is different, made with simple wholefood ingredients your grandmother would recognise. Because if you are trying to lose weight or training hard you have to eat right. But Purition is so much more than just protein. Our Whey Protein range includes a choice of 8 flavours as well as unflavoured and unsweetened. Our balanced blend of natural ingredients also provides health and fitness essentials including fibre, vitamins, minerals and healthy wholefood fats your body needs.

£183.60 Buy 8 for £133.20 (£16.65 per bag)
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Product Quantity
Raspberry, 500g

£22.95 each

Out of stock

Strawberry, 500g

£22.95 each

Chocolate (Cocoa), 500g

£22.95 each

Macadamia & Vanilla, 500g

£22.95 each

Almond, 500g

£22.95 each

Beetroot, 500g

£22.95 each

Beetroot & Chocolate, 500g

£22.95 each

Blackcurrant, 500g

£22.95 each

Chocolate Orange, 500g

£22.95 each

Coconut, 500g

£22.95 each

Coffee & Walnut, 500g

£22.95 each

Pistachio, 500g

£22.95 each

Unflavoured, 500g

£22.95 each

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