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Passionate about empowering others to live a healthier lifestyle? So are we. That’s why we’re inviting 500 lucky trainers to try Purition for free.

Loved by trainers. Backed by science & nutrition. Try 6 free meals of the best nutrition money can buy.

  • 200 calories per meal
  • 16g protein, 12g healthy fats
  • No junk or additives
  • No contracts or obligation
  • No payment details needed
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What is Purition?

We’ve created a range of nutritional products made almost entirely of whole foods. These can replace less nutritious supplements or, for clients, a less nutritious meal or snack. We make that first step of a healthy lifestyle much easier to start and, more importantly, keep on track.

It’s made from 70% seeds and nuts simply chopped, ground or left whole, but never powdered. We add a little British whey protein isolate or a blend of organic European grown Vegan proteins and flavour with real food ingredients, like freeze dried berries, cocoa or whole ground vanilla pods.

We do this because ingredients matter – and we know they matter to you.

What's in each free box?

Purition Original Free Discovery Box for personal trainers with 6 sachets

We only have 500 of these to give away. In each box there are 6 delicious meal sachets for a healthy shake or porridge.

1x Strawberry
1x Macadamia & vanilla
1x Chocolate & hazelnut
1x Almond
1x Coconut
1 x Banana

Simply blend with milk or nut milk, or stir into Greek style yoghurt and you’re good to go.

Each 40g serving is 200 calories with 16g protein, 11g fat and 5g carbs, making it super easy to manage macros and count calories.

Recommended by health professionals & nutritionists

Backed by Nutritionists

Barbara Usak, Registered Associate Nutritionist (ANutr), BSc Human Nutrition and PGDip Clinical & Public Health Nutrition.

"Having clients swap one of their less healthy meals a day with Purition, or adding a serving of Purition and making some other small changes to their diet, is a great way to supplement their training with you.

I recommend Purition for supporting exercise goals. It's a small, nutritious meal made from real, whole-food ingredients and provides quality protein from at least 8 different sources. A serving of Purition, with milk/milk alternative, provides ~20-25g of protein, the ideal amount for muscle protein synthesis and repair. It's also a good source of vitamins and minerals, some of which are beneficial for healthy muscles, such as B vitamins, copper, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and iron."

Barbara Usak, head of nutrition at Purition

Why are you giving away 500x free packs?

We know how good our product is for your health & wellbeing.

If more people try it, they'll realise how much better you can feel by eating real food, without the nasty additives.

For you, Purition is all about more high-quality food to power you through the day.

For your clients, it's all about fast-tracking dietary change & eating more whole foods.

Pouring a glass of Purition Raspberry
Purition's whole food ingredients in bowls

Hang on... what's the catch?

There isn't one.

  • No contracts to sign
  • We won't harass you by email or phone
  • You don't need to endorse us (unless you want to !)

When you order your free samples, we'll send them straight to you to try. 7 days later we will send you a follow-up email to see how you enjoyed it. That's it!

♡... If you love it

If you enjoy your freebies, you're welcome to keep ordering - with your special personal instructor discount, of course.

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This one's just for instructors and personal trainers. Enjoy healthy, nutritious meals with a big discount. You can even buy our shakes to sell to your clients - we don't mind! (minimum spend before discount & free shipping £48)

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... If you're not keen

No sweat. We tried. You tried. There's nothing else to do. There are no obligations or contracts.

We won't contact you

You don't have to sign up to anything to get your free boxes. We won't harass you with sales calls or emails - if you don't like your taster meals and don't want to try any other products, that's fine, we'll leave you to it.

We'd love your feedback (again, totally optional)

It would be great if you could let us know what you didn't like, as it will help us to learn and improve. But we know you're busy, so that's still totally optional.

Order 1 of the 500 free sample packs

Real food Ingredients

Made in the UK

Free from artificial extras

You know that good nutrition is key to unlocking optimal health & fitness

Purition makes it easier for everyone to improve their nutrition and stick with it for the long term. It's a quick and easy way to enjoy a healthy breakfast or nutritious lunch, even when things get busy.

All our flavours are made with golden linseed, sunflower kernels, almonds, coconut, chia, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds. We then add triple-filtered whey or plant protein, plus a little extra fibre to support healthy digestion.

That's it. Simple, convenient, effective natural nutrition for you, for your clients, for everyone.

Jars of nuts and seeds

Others enjoying Purition right now

Making a Purition Vanilla shake with blender

A typical 40g serving provides

  • 200 calories
  • 16g protein
  • 11g whole food fats
  • 6g fibre
  • No junk or additives
  • 1-3g naturally occurring sugars

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