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Do you only sell online?

No, Purition is also sold in shops around the UK. You can find us in Planet Organic, Wholefoods Market and many more independent stores across the country.

I'm lactose intolerant should I me buying your vegan product?

No, to put it in context for you the average cup of tea with just a splash of milk will contain 160mg of lactose, there is less than 4mg of lactose in a serving of Purition. That's 15 times less lactose than you'd find in a cup of tea with a splash of milk! So it will not aggravate IBS or cause bloating.

How many scoops should I use?

Generally we say 4 scoops (40g) for women and 5 scoops (50g) for men. However ladies if 40g is not keeping you satisfied until your next meal use 50g.

How should I prepare my shake? Should I use a shaker or blender?

If you want a smoothie use a blender, if you want a “roughie” use a shaker. Real Food does not dissolve so we say blend it for best results. Blending will create a thick, smooth, creamy shake in seconds and is a great opportunity to throw in some berries or greens for even more nutrients. At home I use a stick blender and blend directly in the glass so there is no washing up! If you don't have access to a blender, you can use a Shaker. Shake for 30 seconds, leave to stand for few minutes, and give it another quick shake before drinking. This will thicken the shake, without the use of a blender and enjoy the bits at the bottom of your shaker like you used to enjoy the bottom of a cereal bowl only without the sugar!

When should I drink my shake?

Once blended consume immediately, your shake will continue to thicken. If left for a few hours it will become porridge like and you’ll need a spoon thanks to all the fibre. Results are about consistently great nutrition, not some magic window before or after exercise. Great nutrition is about what get’s eaten in a 24 hour period. If you plan on using before exercise you’ll want to consume it at least 1-2 hours before exercise. If you’re going to consume it after exercise wait until you get back home or the office so you can prepare it properly and most importantly enjoy.

How many servings/meals are in each bag?

That depends, each 500g bag contains 10 x 50g servings or 12 x 40g servings, if using once a day, 5-6 times a week, that’s enough for two weeks. Many of our customers will add a half serving to non-sweetened full-fat Greek or natural yoghurt, porridge or even their regular green smoothies.

How should I store my shake?

Reseal the bag after use and keep it in a cupboard. You don’t need to keep it in the fridge. I decant mine into a lidded pot from IKEA and keep it on the side next to my blender for easy access!

Can I try your flavours before I buy a full bag?

Absolutely, if you want to try before you buy we recommend our Mixed Box of Samples - This contains one serving of each flavour (6 in total). Each serving is one meal so you can really get a feel for what our Wholefood Protein Shakes are all about! Click here to buy a Mixed Box of Samples.

How is Purition different from other protein shakes on the market?

That’s simple in two words REAL FOOD. Junk-free fitness food means your body recognises every ingredient. No gums, cheap fillers, thickeners, artificial anything or flavourings. Just simple wholesome food ingredients that support your “clean eating” and fitness goals.

How is Purition different from others meal replacement products on the market?

Again that’s simple in two words REAL FOOD. Purition is not a meal replacement it’s a REAL FOOD meal in a glass. There is a BIG difference. Traditional “meal replacements” are a joke they are made of sugar, water, milk powder, thickeners, flavorings and some cheap chemically synthesized vitamins and minerals. There are industrial concoctions of highly refined ingredients that happen to contain very few calories precisely because they contain no real food. They are not healthy, do not fill you up and they simply do not work long-term because they will slow your metabolism. Whereas Purition is simply REAL FOOD ingredients that help you achieve a balanced diet, the calories will fill you up between meals (because that what real food does) and light a fire under your metabolism!

How should I use the shake for best weight loss results?

We have put together an easy to follow meal plan for using Purition for weight loss, this will show you how and when to drink or eat your shake for the weight loss results you’re looking for. In a nut shell (pun intended) have one shake a day for the first week so your body can get used to the fibre and then if convenient use up to twice per day (Monday - Friday) plus a home-cooked evening meal.

Download Meal Plan

How soon will my order arrive after purchasing?

Providing your order is placed before 3pm Monday to Thursday, you will receive your order next day. Our couriers will text you 1 hour before delivery to make sure you are in and can sign of the parcel. If not you can ask them to deliver it tomorrow, leave your parcel in a safe place, with a neighbor or drop it at one of their 1000’s of pickup points nationwide. You can’t get it delivered at a specific time (the world does not revolve around you), they can’t change the delivery address or deliver at the weekend without incurring significant extra cost. If you live in a flat we’d recommend you have your parcel delivered to work. Orders placed on Friday before 3pm will be delivered on the following Monday, any orders made over the weekend (Saturdays or Sundays) will be shipped out on Monday for delivery on Tuesday. Any Sample Box / Trial Box orders will be shipped out by Royal Mail 1st Class, this normaly takes up to 48 hours to be delivered.

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