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Purition – for those super hungry days

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We all have days when hunger tries to gets the better of us. Read how @plant_powered_rachel uses Purition to overcome hers and “keep the wolf from the door until it’s dinner time.”

“I’m having one of those super hungry days today, the type where the hunger gnaws away at you and I don’t want to end up having a massive binge on chocolate later because I have ignored my body’s natural signals to eat now, so I’ve decided to have a Purition Shake to keep the wolf from the door until it’s dinner time.

I guess what I should do is just eat my dinner now, but first the kids need to be bathed and put into bed, and I need to wait for my husband to be here for dinner too – real life gets in the way of ideals.

Anyway. I have blended a Strawberry flavour shake with unsweetened almond milk and fresh strawberries, which just sweetened it up for me – I have a very sweet tooth. It has a really earthy flavour but you become accustomed quite quickly to that and it was overall very tasty and has certainly done the trick with the hunger.

I tried a whole sachet today, we shall see how it affects my tummy, should be ok as they are low FODMAP. Also, it was completely smooth, which I did not expect! No dregs left in the cup – Purition, I am impressed.”


Thank you Rachel!


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