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Purition whey protein meets sports testing standards

Lorna McCann22 Aug 2016
Purition whey protein meets sports testing standards

As the sun sets over Rio, another Summer Olympic Games comes to an end. With an amazing performance from the GB team, resulting in 67 medals, there have been some amazing highs for this particular games, but there have also been some lows, with Rio being branded as the ‘worst ever’ games when it comes to anti-doping.

At the Olympics, years of training and a lifetime of hopes and dreams are put to the test in just two weeks as every single sportsman and woman competing vies for that ultimate gold medal.

Passionate desire to be the best in the world

Fuelled with a passionate desire to be the best in the world takes not only dedication, commitment, focus but a carefully thought out and well planned diet too.

From cyclists, runners, basketball players to horse riders and rowers and every other athlete in between getting the right high quality nutrition is key to performance.

And that goes for amateurs as well as professionals.

Here at Purition we understand this need for quality, wholesome products and it’s why we invest time and effort making sure we put only the best ingredients into our wholefood protein shakes.

Our seeds and nuts are of the highest quality and we use whey protein isolate that has
been sports-tested so that athletes and sportspeople using our products can be reassured it’s safe to use.

Our whey protein isolate raw ingredient undergoes rigorous testing against substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency to gain the Informed-Sport Standard.

Not all products undergo such testing so it’s great to be able to provide such assurances about our smoothies.

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