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Using Purition + Workouts + Training

Purition06 Apr 2018
Using Purition + Workouts + Training

It’s no secret that exercise plays an important role in healthy living – it helps with weight management, comes with numerous health benefits and improves mood. Isn’t that post-workout feeling amazing! That said, you’ll struggle to get the results you are after if you don’t fuel your body correctly with the nutrients it needs… but what exactly does it need?

The internet is packed with endless do’s and don’ts when it comes to fitness and nutrition, it’s hardly surprising that things can get a little confusing. As with most things, fitness is best considered with a balanced and consistent approach. Here at Purition we like to keep it simple. Using all-natural, wholefood ingredients, each serving of Purition offers a nutritious balance of protein, healthy fats and fibre, which will help you to prepare for your workout, and refuel after it.

But for us, great nutrition isn’t about clock-watching and waiting for some “magic window” before or after exercise. It’s about consistency. So we’ve packed our products with seeds and nuts, as well as a little whey or plant-based protein, which slowly release energy and keep you full between meals. This means you can enjoy Purition whenever you like and still hit your workout with plenty of energy.

Full of realness, Purition is more than just a natural protein powder, so why not try it for breakfast – or even lunch - on your non-training days? Whether you are hitting the gym or just getting on with your day our products help fuel your body in the right way so you can feel good and keep active.

We’d love to hear how Purition fits into your routine and how it helps you maintain a good nutritious balance when it comes to exercise. Perhaps your a runner, a cyclist or love hitting the gym. Whatever your sport, please feel free to get in touch with us and share your experiences!

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