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Using Purition to Fuel a Workout

Purition16 Apr 2018
Using Purition to Fuel a Workout

Lunch has been and gone and your tummy has already started to rumble.

All you can think about is how you are going to make it through that gym class later... sound familiar?

Here at Purition, we often get asked if our products can be used alongside a fitness plan and whether they are good to have before exercise. The answer is ABSOLUTELY! Each serving of Purition offers a nutritious balance of protein, healthy fats and fibre, which will help fuel your body pre-workout. Packed with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, Purition is also slow releasing, so you don’t need to worry about gulping anything down, moments before you start exercising. Instead, we suggest you have your Purition about an hour beforehand, so that you feel comfortable, energised and ready for your workout.

There’s no stopping there. If needed, you can also use Purition to refuel afterwards as it will provide your body with the natural nutrition it needs post-exercise. Alternatively, why not have it for breakfast on a rest day? The choice is yours...

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