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Top tips for new joggers

Gayle Parker26 Apr 2016
Top tips for new joggers

Whether you’ve tried running before or have caught the bug after watching the inspirational stories around the London marathon this weekend, we’ve scoured the depths of fitness fact and fiction to bring you some of the best basic tips when it comes to taking up running.

6 tips and tricks for new joggers

  1. Find your motivation and dump the excuses
    We can all find excuses as to why we don’t exercise… we’re too tired, we don’t have time, the cooker needs cleaning. Ok maybe not the last, but to get started, you need to dump the excuses, find your motivation and focus on that.
  2. Get a jogging buddy
    Whether you join your friendly local club (many have beginner’s groups) or you just grab a mate or two, having a jogging buddy will keep you on the straight and narrow, and will help to stop those excuses.
  3. Keep a record
    Its been proven time and time again - keep a diary of the length of your runs. Whether it’s on a free fitness app or old school, with a paper diary, either will work. As you see your results improve, so will your motivation. And there’s no need for expensive tech – a watch is all you need to measure your times.
  4. Stretch and care
    Although many believe you should stretch before running, the best time to do your stretching is afterwards. And take care to keep an eye out for any unexpected issues. The majority of runners have no side effects apart from the odd ache and pain. If you experience anything worse, stop immediately and seek some advice.
  5. Drink water
    Just water. Unless you’re training for a full marathon, there’s no need for special sports drinks. Just drink a little water before and after your workouts to keep hydrated.
  6. Eat real food
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