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Top milks to blend with Purition (Dairy-Free)

helen10 May 2019
Top milks to blend with Purition (Dairy-Free)

For a lovely smooth and creamy shake Purition is best served blended with milk. But which nut milk should I choose? What plant milk is best? These are questions we often get asked, so we thought we'd do a little experimenting here in the Purition kitchen and share our results...


And our favourite dairy-free milks to blend with Purition are...




Oatly (Organic) - 9/10

"Not too overpowering, like the fact it has fibre too - helped to keep me full!"

Koko Dairy Free (Unsweetened) - 8.5/10

"More refreshing than other milks"

Rebel Kitchen Mylk (Whole) - 8/10

"Great, all my favourite nut milks in one!"


That's a whole lot of milk!


Step into a shop or supermarket and you're often faced with rows and rows of milk. Long gone are the days when it was just cow's milk and perhaps a non-dairy option. Now we have almond, coconut, cashew, soya oat, rice and more recently even pea milk (which we can't wait to try!) It can be a little overwhelming, not to mention confusing.

So let us help you navigate the milk isle by reading what we thought of the different nut and plant milks out there. Of course, this is just our opinion, but we hope it helps the next time you fancy whizzing up some Purition!



Who are we?

We're Team Purition!

Real food enthusiasts on a mission to find out the best dairy-free milk to blend with Purition, our natural alternative to protein powders and meal replacement shakes.

We are five females and seven males, aged between 21 and 50-something, who have been busily testing away to help you discover the perfect Purition and nut milk/plant milk combo.


Oat Milk Alternative

Purition blended with oat milk gives a lovely creamy taste. The sugar content can be quite high, so chose a brand where this is naturally occurring not added. We were impressed with Oatly. The taste doesn't overpower Purition and they have a short, simple ingredients list with a fair amount of oats. Combine Oatly with Purition (Strawberry tastes particularly amazing!) and you get a  good dose of fibre. This helps to slow digestion and keep hunger pangs at bay for longer, so no more snacking in between meals!



Coconut Milk Alternative

Made from the flesh of a coconut, this is a good source of natural fat that's high in fibre and holds plenty of vitamins and minerals. Blend with Purition and you get a lovely creamy and refreshing taste. Our favourite was coconut milk and Hemp Chocolate Purition - like a Bounty bar, but healthier! We tried Koko Dairy Free (Unsweetened) and Alpro Coconut (Original). Both blended well for that tasty shake, but Koko had the edge for us with higher coconut content (7% vs 5.3% coconut milk) and less sugar (1.9 vs 0.2g).



Plant Based Mylk

Relatively new to the market, Whole Mylk combines coconut cream, brown rice and cashews in one. The brains behind it, Rebel Kitchen, say "It's milk. Just not" and we see where they're coming from. The coconut cream gives it a rich, creamy taste which makes for a lovely silky shake when blended with Purition. It's also void of any refined sugar, gums or thickeners, which is a big plus for us. It will take your calories up compared to the other milks (a 200ml serving has 166 kcals) but not excessively and you get a good balance of nutrients with a nice wholesome consistency.


Almond Milk Alternative

Almond Breeze (Unsweetened) blended with Purition gave a tasty shake. The nutty flavour complements our products really well, and only adds 26 kcals to the serving - great if you're watching your waistline! Just remember fewer calories can mean less key nutrients. Not such a huge concern if you're blending with our nutrient dense Purition, but something to be mindful of.  Almond Breeze contains only 2% almonds, which for us is a little on the low side, but there are brands out there with a higher % of almonds (like Plenish) which are definitely worth a try!


Rice Milk Alternative

Characterised by its starchy makeup, rice milk has a natural sweet taste. We tried Rice Dream (Organic), which has 14% rice and adds nearly 20g of carbohydrate to a shake, of which 14.2g are sugars - luckily Purition is low in sugar and carbs! The taste received mixed reviews here at HQ, those with a sweeter tooth loved it, while others thought it was a bit much. Great for a little pick me up, but perhaps not for everyday use. Remember, rice has a high Glycemic Index (GI) too so may cause blood sugar levels to spike.



Soya Milk

A golden oldie, Soya milk is a popular plant-based option. We can understand why - it's high in protein, natural fats and fibre with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Great if you follow a dairy free or vegan diet. There's just one problem as far as Purition is concerned - the two don't mix well at all. We can't explain why, they just don't taste right when blended together. Down to personal preference perhaps, but in our opinion Purition with soya milk is unfortunately a no go when it comes to taste.


Our verdict

Nut and plant milks are a great option if you follow a dairy-free or vegan diet. Whatever you decide, remember to check the labels - it's not uncommon for brands to include gums, thickeners and fillers in their recipes, particularly if they're going for a long shelf life. Where possible, aim for those that avoid artificial and keep their ingredients simple. Alternatively, get your apron on and give homemade milk a go. There are all sorts of recipes online, but we love this almond milk recipe from Deliciously Ella. It won't offer a full nutritional profile (brands often have to fortify their dairy-free milks for this) but at least you'll know exactly what goes into your glass!




Purition can be had with any type of nut milk, but as we've seen each has its own taste, texture and nutritional profile. There are advantages and disadvantages, depending on your diet, health or personal views. Our advice is to explore the market, read up and experiment with what's on offer. Aim for brands using real ingredients too, just like we do for Purition.

To learn more about us watch our new production video, which shows the journey of Purition from field to your doorstep.     

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DISCLAIMER: All view and opinions expressed are those of the speakers alone. 


Nut and Plant Milks reviewed

Almond Milk - Plenish

Almond Milk (Unsweetened) - Almond Breeze, Blue Diamond Almonds

Coconut Milk (Original) - Alpro

Coconut Milk (Unsweetened) - KoKo Dairy Free

Rice Milk (Organic) - Rice Dream

Oat Milk (Organic) - Oatly

Soya Milk (Unsweetened) - Alpro

Whole Mylk - Rebel Kitchen





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