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Everyone’s Talking About: The Perfect Breakfast

Helen Foster11 Feb 2015
Everyone’s Talking About: The Perfect Breakfast

If there’s one meal that divides people in this life it’s breakfast - some swear by it, others don’t have the time or inclination to eat anything before 11am. Scientists, it seems, are also fascinated by what we should or shouldn’t eat in the morning, and the latest study has shown that the perfect breakfast, for a trimmer tummy at least, consists of the same number of calories day in, day out.

Consistent blood sugar levels

The researchers from various centres (including Kings College London and the Medical Research Council) found that those with the most day to day variation in the calorie count of their breakfast and any daily snacks, were also more likely to be the ones with the largest waist measurements. Their theory is that a consistent breakfast also leads to more consistent blood sugar levels which discourage mid-morning snacking on those days you eat less.

Which is where Purition comes in. Our shakes have a set serving size which helps you regulate your calories without endless weighing and measuring – plus, there’s a second bonus, other breakfast based studies show that starting you day with protein, as you do with Purition, also helps keep appetite under control for the rest of the day.

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