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The Making of Purition

Purition21 Mar 2019
The Making of Purition

From Field to Shake

Here at Purition HQ, a day in production starts at 8 am (after we’ve had our breakfast shake of course). Working with the ingredients we love, in our own factory, we have complete control of the production process.

How do we make such amazing protein powders you ask? Our Purition production process involves 10 steps, 9 of which we take care of, the 10th step is over to you:


We source

We meet and build relationships with suppliers and farmers to find the best ingredients


We receive

Fresh seeds and nuts are delivered daily to Purition HQ


We sieve

Our seed mixes are sifted to remove any impurities


We grind

Whole seeds and nuts are ground into small pieces


We chop

Harder seeds, like pumpkin and sunflower seeds, get chopped up


We measure

Following our own recipes, the ingredients and natural flavourings are weighed to precision


We blend

Ingredients are mixed together to create a perfect Purition blend


We pack

Our nutritional blend is put into bags and stored ready for distribution


We deliver

Orders are fulfilled and shipped the next day


You Enjoy

You blend Purition with your favourite milk and enjoy the perfect shake


Now you know how we make Purition, but what’s actually in the mix? Find out here.

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