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The Hulk - Green Protein Smoothie with Kiwi and Spinach

The Hulk - Green Protein Smoothie with Kiwi and Spinach

It's green, it's bold and it packs one nutritional punch. It's none other than the incredible Hulk breakfast smoothie - Purition style!


Loaded with fresh and healthy ingredients, this super hero breakfast protein smoothie offers the boost of energy you need first thing in the morning (while also sneaking in that extra portion of greens). Leafy nutritious spinach, sweet fibrous kiwi and the balanced natural goodness of Purition all in one glass - you'll be starting your day with a hop, skip and a POW!

The Hulk smoothie is protein rich, high in natural fats for energy and full of vitamins and minerals. Try this strong, vibrant blend is one filling breakfast, ideal for a feel-good morning pick me up or post exercise snack:





40g Macadamia & Vanilla or Vegan Vanilla Purition

1 Kiwi (65g)

1 Handful (30g) Spinach or Kale leaves

300ml Whole Milk/Dairy Free alternative



  1. Cut the kiwi into chunks
  2. Roughly chop the spinach/kale
  3. Add the kiwi and greens to your blender
  4. Pour in the milk (if you use dairy free, unsweetened almond milk works well)
  5. Measure 40g of Macadamia & Vanilla or Vegan Vanilla Purition and add to your blender.
  6. Give it a all a good blast - 30-40 seconds should do the trick
  7. Pour into a large glass and feel energised (like The Hulk, just less green!)


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To learn more about us watch our new production video, which shows the journey of Purition from field to your doorstep.


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