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The Cook & Him Purition Review

helen08 May 2019
The Cook & Him Purition Review

We're delighted to appear in the Cook & Him's review of The best Vegan Protein Powder of 2019. Putting a spin on traditional and contemporary vegetarian and vegan dishes, the Cook & Him create recipes that keep you healthy and full. So naturally we were keen to hear their thoughts on our Dairy Free Vegan range.

Over to you Sam (the Cook) and Phil (Him) thank you for your review!



"First of all, this is not your usual “protein shake” – it’s a natural alternative to meal replacements and protein shakes, if you’re looking for straight protein, it’s perhaps not for you, however, if you are looking for a great nutritious way to start your day off, this could well be the thing you are looking for. Its packed full of protein, fibre, natural fats, and nutritious ingredients, and its clear from their website that they have a strong focus on quality.

There does seem to be a number of ways this product can be used, making it very versatile indeed, from pancakes to shakes, overnight oats, smoothie bowls and protein balls – we can see many ways to use Purition's range of products.

Purition is not just for gym bunnies or those looking to lose fat, it’s for anyone looking for a convenient nutritious and satisfying no-cook meal, they developed a natural, food based alternative to meal replacement and protein powders. The nutrient dense calories provided in Purition should keep you satisfied between meals, so you are less likely to snack and more likely to make healthy food choices throughout the day.

We followed the instruction Purition gave, and blended a 40g sachet (we opted for hemp chocolate) with 200ml of almond milk, ice, a banana and a handful of frozen berries.  The resulting “smoothie” was suitably thick & not too sweet, I had this at just after 6am on a hectic workday morning and I didn’t get a hunger pang until around 10.30 which is quite normal for me, over 4 hours between breakfast and lunch is perfectly reasonable for most people.

Our 40g serving gave us 14.2g of protein for only 194 calories, thats one of the lowest in our review but, this is not your usual protein shake!"


To learn more about us watch our new production video, which shows the journey of Purition from field to your doorstep.

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