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The surprising benefits of Garlic

Gayle Parker19 Apr 2016
The surprising benefits of Garlic

Today is Garlic Day. Why someone made 19th April the day of the ‘stinking rose’, we’re not sure, but we are glad someone did, as the humble garlic is indeed one of nature’s wonder drugs.

Top health benefits of Garlic

We all know that garlic is a highly nutritious vegetable and can be a great addition to your cooking, but did you know this smelly food is a powerful healer? To celebrate garlic day, we’ve done some digging (pun intended!) and found our 5 favourite benefits to help you look good and feel great.

  1. The compounds in garlic can kill bacteria and therefore are very helpful for a great complexion - reducing acne and helping with skin diseases.
  2. Garlic contains high levels of keratin, the protein hair is made of, and it could help with the treatment of hair re-growth.
  3. Garlic contains allicin, which is known to help reduce the likelihood of catching a common cold. So if you don’t want a nose resembling Rudolph’s, make sure you make garlic your friend.
  4. In ancient cultures, garlic has been used to reduce fatigue and help increase exercise capacity, so next time your thinking of what to eat for energy for your next work out, don’t forget garlic in your diet.
  5. And obviously we couldn’t miss garlic’s ability to ward off evil vampires! Ok, not a serious benefit but garlic is known to help reduce blood pressure and help with heart disease.

So whether you like your garlic powdered, crushed or in supplement form, make sure you reap the benefits of this little super vegetable this Garlic Day!

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