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Super Berry Smoothie Bowl with Oats and Protein

Super Berry Smoothie Bowl with Oats and Protein

This Super Berry Smoothie Bowl proves how easy it is to make a delicious and gorgeous bowl of goodness. Enjoy for a healthy breakfast or post-workout snack, even a mid afternoon pick me up. You could also prepare this the night before, keep refrigerated, and take with you for a yummy no-nonsense Breakfast-on-the-Go!

There are no added sugars, artificial sweeteners, flavourings or fillers in our recipes. We simply combine real food ingredients - and by that we mean seeds and nuts. The protein, natural fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals found in Purition come from real food.


Strawberry Purition

A handful of Berries

Greek Yoghurt

Milk / Nut Milk

Rolled Oats

1/3 Banana



This summery bowl of happy couldn't be easier.

  • Combine ingredients in a blender and blitz until smooth.
  • Pour mixture into a bowl and top with berries and banana.
  • We kept it simple, but you can be as fancy and creative as you like with the toppings!

You can use your favourite Purition flavour, or try a new one!
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