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Enjoy our Summer Fruits while you can!

Purition29 Aug 2018
Enjoy our Summer Fruits while you can!

Check out this delicious recipe from @katdandrea, perfect for reviving your tastebuds or simply giving them a little treat!

Our zingy Limited Edition Summer Fruits is made with Strawberry, Raspberry and Blackcurrant and is bursting with natural goodness. But get it while you can because it's only available for as long as stocks last and time is running out!

Over to you Kat...

Photo courtesy of @katdandrea Photo courtesy of @katdandrea

Berry smoothie protein shake

I had terrible morning sickness for 17 weeks of pregnancy and went off my banana protein shakes. So to be able to get back into them, I had to change it up to something completely new!

1/2 cup of kefir or coconut milk.
1/4 vanilla yoghurt.
Handful of berries.
One scoop of @puritionuk berry summer fruits protein powder
Mix and blend and add granola, pomegranate and coconut flakes!

All high in antioxidants to help replenish cells! Kefir helps support digestion and provides beneficial bacteria and vitamins to support your gut #eatcolorful




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