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Everyone’s Talking About: Sprout Season

Helen Foster28 Oct 2014
Everyone’s Talking About: Sprout Season

Here at Purition we believe in eating with the seasons – not only is it the time when vegetables taste their best, it’s also an interesting quirk that foods in season naturally supply your body with what it needs at that time. Think about it – when are thirst quenching salad vegetables in their prime?

Summer when you need the extra hydration. Also, check out quite how many satsumas and clementines are appearing in supermarkets right now just when your body needs a boost of immunity supporting vitamin C.

High in vitamin K

Another example of this the humble Brussels Sprout that’s also coming into season now. It’s packed with vitamin K which actually helps thin the blood – and blood actually thickens as temperatures fall.

And this year sprouts are getting a makeover. You won’t just find the normal green variety in shops but purple ones and red ones. There’s also a new variety of milder sprout coming out for those who find them too bitter. Finally, watch out for Flowersprouts predicted to hit shelves in November - a cross between sprouts and kale they’re tipped as this winter’s hottest health food.

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