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Everyone is Talking about: Saturated Fat and nutrition

Natalie Saxton29 Aug 2014
Everyone is Talking about: Saturated Fat and nutrition

So we know you all enjoy some bedtime reading and here is another article on the role saturated fat plays in our diets.

Recently the likes of Dr Michael Mosley have been shouting about the science behind the health message that 'saturated fat' is bad, and turned it on it's head due to more recent studies in the last fourteen years.

Good and bad carbohydrates

The article below from the Independent supports the same theory that fat is 'good' and carbohydrates are 'bad' and it is carb's that are making us fat and not fat itself. Scientists are now beginning to explore this theory in more detail and the idea that sugar is actually linked to heart disease.

This issue is likely to be a topic of interest for many health professionals, but we would like to know your thoughts on this subject? Let us know, we are always interested in opinions on topics we cover in our blog.

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