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Everyone’s Talking About: Rooftop Yoga

Helen Foster07 Aug 2014
Everyone’s Talking About: Rooftop Yoga

It’s the fitness trend of the Summer with classes starting up everywhere from the roofs of gyms (like Olympia’s ThirtySeven Degrees) to the top of car parks (via London teacher Lucy Bannister) – but things got kicked up a notch in the trend stakes with the announcement that super-cool New York wellness community Serene Social were starting their sought after classes here in the UK on July 3rd in the rooftop garden of London’s exclusive Coq d’Argent restaurant.

Their uplifting classes are open for just 12 women and don’t just offer a rest for your mind, participants are encouraged to socialise after the class with their like minded downward dog buddies

Sunlight and panoramic views

So, why the craze for yoga up high? Devotees say it help us realise we can find stillness in the busiest of cities and lives. And those who've tried it say that the feeling of air and sunlight combined with amazing panoramic views give an added dimension to their practice.

At the moment most classes are in London – but expect other cities to follow suit. Or, we say take your mat outside to anywhere that inspires you. If you can’t find a user friendly rooftop, head to the park, by a local stream or even a quiet corner of your garden and DIY your own outdoor session focusing on the sounds and smells of nature around you and the feel of the sun on your skin as you work your way through your favourite poses.

Oh and don’t forget, you don’t want a heavy meal before any kind of yoga – but a Purition shake about one hour before the class will help fuel your body without weighing you down.

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