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Purition turns pink to support Breast Cancer Care

Lorna McCann14 Oct 2016
Purition turns pink to support Breast Cancer Care

Every 10 minutes someone somewhere in the UK is diagnosed with breast cancer.

That’s about the same time it takes for most of us to make our bed in the morning and brew our first cup of tea.

Over the course of a year this equates to almost 60,000 people having their lives turned completely upside down by a breast cancer diagnosis and a further 12,000 people losing their lives altogether to the cruel disease.

It’s why this October Purition has turned pink - to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

And to celebrate we’ve created a limited edition raspberry flavoured Purition wholefood protein shake.

Available soon, our honorary pink wholefood protein shake will help support women across the UK with £1 from every bag sold being donated to Breast Cancer Care.

Here at Purition several of our team members have had their own individual experiences of supporting friends and family with breast cancer so it really is a cause close to our hearts.

We know that when someone is diagnosed with breast cancer, every bit of their life changes forever.

In the short term life becomes dominated by hospital appointments and treatment regimes and longer term it can damage people’s confidence and impact on overall life goals, changing perspectives for the better or worse.

Day to day to simple things like knowing what to eat, feeling like eating and having the energy to cook can seem challenging especially during periods of treatment particularly chemotherapy.

If either yourself or someone you know is experiencing difficulties with a lack of appetite then Breast Cancer Care suggests the following:

Eating five or six small meals a day instead of a large meal.
Drink milkshakes, smoothies, juice or soup if you can’t manage solid foods.

Increase your appetite by going for a short walk if you feel able.
Avoid drinking too much before or during meals as this will decrease your appetite.

For some people however, drugs and treatment can increase appetite.

If this happens to you and you have concerns about gaining weight then Breast Cancer Care experts suggest you choose low fat foods and drinks, eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and being aware of the sugar content of some ‘diet’ foods.

You can read more on diet and healthy eating after treatment here.

We know that some patients have found our smoothies a good way to fuel their body after treatment. They’re full of natural, wholesome goodness and they’re very easy and convenient to make which can be helpful when energy levels are low.

We hope you’ll support us this October to support women across the UK by purchasing a bag of our new raspberry flavoured Purition when it becomes available.

If you have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and are looking for information and support visit www.breastcancercare.org.uk

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