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We team up with pupils to celebrate British food & drink

Lorna McCann29 Sep 2016
We team up with pupils to celebrate British food & drink

Here at Purition we have teamed up with one of our local primary schools as part of a national campaign to celebrate British food and drink.

Held every autumn, at the same time as many schools are holding their own harvest festival celebrations, British Food Fortnight (September 17 to October 2) is the biggest national celebration of the nation’s food and drink.

This year Purition has been getting involved and we have been sharing our thoughts on eating fresh, locally grown produce with children at Tibberton CE Primary School .

Next week (October 4), following on from British Food Fortnight we will also be promoting healthy living and will be talking to youngsters about the dangers of too much sugar in their diet.

Headteacher Helen Osterfield said: “The children have really enjoyed learning about and celebrating British Food Fortnight.

“Located where we are in Shropshire we are surrounded by farming land and many of the children’s parents are involved in farming or agriculture so it’s great just to remind ourselves and the children just how lucky we are to have such an abundance of fabulous food on our doorstep.

“It’s been great to team up with local organisation Purition during the celebrations and we are looking forward to their visit next week.

“There are several activities planned and the children will be getting busy making their very own smoothies using some locally grown fruits. It should be lots of fun for everyone.”

Gayle, our head marketing here at Purition, said: “We have really enjoyed celebrating British Food Fortnight with local primary school children.

“The campaign is all about bringing producers, retailers and local organisations together and we are thrilled the children have had such a great time.

“We can’t wait to get them designing and making their own smoothies next week, it should be great fun.

“The purpose of our visit will also help to make children more aware about sugar in their diet so they can start to make better informed choices about the foods they eat as they grow older.”

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