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Purition gets Baking!

Lorna McCann09 Sep 2016
Purition gets Baking!

So as we head into week four of the Great British Bake Off the nation is already hooked and so are we.

So far the bakers have already tried their hand at cakes, biscuits and bread and before we get too far into the competition we thought we would show our support for the remaining contestants by hosting our very own Purition bake off.

Let’s get Baking...

Each week we will be coming up with some protein-packed bake-off recipes inspired by the challenges undertaken in the Bake Off Kitchen.

Each member of the Purition team, whether a baker or not, will be putting their talents to the test while the rest of us in the office get to sample the baked goodies.

As for anyone keeping up to speed with the Purition blog you’ll also be able to try out the recipes at home.

Everyone’s a winner really! So, look out next Wednesday for the first of our recipes!

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