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Our Founder's Stories

Helen Foster05 Feb 2018
Our Founder's Stories

Best friends Louise Taylor & Phillipa Garner founded Purition as a result of their own personal quests for improved body shape.

The girls had very different reasons for wanting to find a natural dietary supplement, which they are happy to share with you...

Phillipa's Story

Phillipa wanted to get fit and toned for a holiday in Australia.  She headed for her local gym, hitting the cardio machines three times a week.

After several weeks pounding the treadmills and cutting fat from her diet Phillipa could run further than she’d ever been able to before, but she had made no progress toning up. She was finding the running time consuming and boring and it also made her tired and hungry!

Phillipa switched to personal training sessions and high intensity body weight exercises. In a matter of a few weeks she was seeing the results she wanted; longer lean muscle definition, plus she’d dropped a jeans size.

Her personal trainer suggested she eat more protein and spread consumption throughout the day to maximize the benefits of training. Phillipa was eating her protein in the evening, shop-bought sandwiches for lunch and a small bowl of cereal in the morning if she had time.

She began preparing eggs for breakfast and chicken salads for lunch, but the extra effort - on top of cooking the evening meal and dealing with work and three sessions of training - proved impossible to sustain.

She began to consider protein supplements as a convenient way of increasing protein in her diet but worried about bulking up and was confused and concerned about the long list of ingredients. Many products at her high-street health store contained unacceptable levels of sugars or artificial sweeteners and starches. Natural plant based proteins tasted awful or, again, simply contained too much artificial sweetener and flavourings.

During her holiday to Australia she heard about a natural product from Australia. She came back to the UK with a suitcase of product to sample. Not only was the product high protein which was perfect for her training but it was also high in fibre. Within a week of using this natural nutrition her life-long battle with bloating and irregularity was a thing of the past. She subsequently learned that many Australians use the product to help with symptoms of IBS.

Phillipa also found the combination of protein, natural fibre and wholefood fats so filling that the product soon became a healthy meal replacement on rest days as well as her post workout recovery drink on training days.

Through natural nutrition and high intensity interval training (hiit) she began to achieve the shape she wanted and was feeling happier and healthier than she had done in years - without the struggle and the guilt of fad-dieting.

The benefits in her own life were so extraordinary that she knew the product would be successful if she brought it to the UK.

Louise's Story

Louise, 38, a mother of three young children aged between two and seven was determined to get her figure back, once and for all.

She had tried ‘cutting carbs’ before and pretty much every other calorie controlled diet, slimming club and fad diet going.

She had been eating her 'five a day', together with whole grains cereals and ‘low-fat’ and ‘low-calorie’ foods for years but her weight was still creeping on. Calorie controlled and fad diets had worked temporarily but were unsustainable and brought hunger, chronic fatigue and, ultimately, disappointment and greater weight gain when they failed.

Louise was skipping meals and had developed a reliance on sugary fatty foods and caffeine to get through busy days. Not only this but she could also see the harmful effects of the typical western diet in her children and husband too.

A chance meeting with a local PT & nutritionist introduced Louise to a new approach to weight loss that did not involve eating less, counting calories or exercising more. This new approach was based on cutting out nutrient-poor processed foods, sugar and starch and increasing nutrient-dense greens and eating protein and good quality sources of fat at every meal.

Louise was determined to put her whole family on a life-changing diet. But cutting out staple foods like wheat and potatoes, doubling servings of green leafy vegetables, introducing protein at every meal and sticking to healthy fats proved a real challenge with three young children. Do you believe in fate? Enter Phillipa, with her natural shakes from Australia.

Louise could now drink her breakfast shake knowing it was possibly the healthiest meal of the day.  She soon found the combination of protein, fibre, wholefood fats and the lack of sugar and starch was a terrific boost to weight-loss and energy levels. Starting off on the right track every morning made it easier to prepare healthy lunches and dinners, without snacking in between.

The pounds were falling off. Within a few weeks she no longer craved sugar and carbohydrates and within six weeks she had lost almost a stone in weight. The weight-loss gave her the confidence to start exercising and in another 6 weeks she dropped from size 16 to 12.

Louise was as convinced as Phillipa. The girls were so enthusiastic about their new discovery, they decided to manufacture and launch the product in the UK.

Fast-forward a number of months, many sleepless nights and hard work, assisted by original manufacturers in Australia, the pair established a manufacturing base at Harper Adams University’s Regional Food Academy and re-branded the product for the European market.

Sample production started in earnest in January 2013. The product was launched to the trade in April 2013 and on-line, shortly after.

Louise's husband Edward has now jumped on board to help the girls - after losing two stone and four inches from his waistline in five months by using just one shake a day as a health meal replacement and banishing nutrient-poor sugars and starch.

The three of them are determined to get the word out that making simple diet improvements - without resorting to endless cooking and for less than the average cost of a cup of coffee - can transform lives and help people achieve optimal health and fitness.

Purition is a unique blend of seven seeds and nuts and whey, providing protein, fibre and Omegas with an array of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. It has no added sugar. In fact, there is nothing artificial about it at all and did we mention it tastes great too?

We add Cocoa, additional coconut or simply substitute almonds for Pistachios to create our three wonderful flavours of: Chocolate, Coconut or Pistachio.

Apparently using real ingredients in our recipes is a radical new idea!



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