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Purition Brigadeiro recipe

Purition Brigadeiro recipe

With the nation’s attention firmly fixed on Rio De Janeiro and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games we’ve been busy seeking culinary inspiration from some popular Brazilian dishes.

We’ve been whipping up a storm here in the Purition kitchens and we’re delighted to present our very own take on the Brazilian Brigadeiro.

Traditionally a three-ingredient chocolate fudge we’ve kept our recipe in-keeping with the original so it’s super easy and quick to make.

Brigadeiros fit for an olympian

All you’ll need is 50g of chocolate Purition, 100g of ground almonds and a splash of coconut milk to bring the ingredients together.

Round the mixture into small balls and then roll in either chopped pistachios or coconut flour and hey presto! (okay, so technically four ingredients!)

In Brazil the Brigadeiro is considered a delicacy and is eaten at almost every major celebration so we’re willing to bet that a fair few of them will be consumed during Olympic fortnight.

We’ve certainly enjoyed tucking into our own delicious protein-packed Purition Brigadeiros - they almost deserve a gold medal all of their own!

You can use your favourite Purition flavour, or try a new one!
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